Top 5 Places to Get TEFL Certified in Africa in 2018-2019

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When it comes to TEFL, no two providers are the same. The differences also multiply depending on the region they’re in. Although the majority of folks like to get TEFL certified in The Americas, Europe or Asia, only the truly adventurous go to Africa, the mother of all lands. Why should you consider TEFL in Africa?

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Stand out from the crowd—get your TEFL certification in Africa!

First of all, the continent is massive! With 54 countries spread across almost 12 million square miles, you’ve got plenty of places to get TEFL certified in Africa. In the north, the countries are generally Islamic and the locals speak Arabic. Think Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. East African countries include Kenya and Uganda whereas West African ones include Nigeria and Cameroon. To the south of the continent are countries like South Africa and Namibia. 

In Africa, a typical TEFL program runs for at least 120 hours, including teaching real students. Afterward, you can teach anywhere in the world or move on to teaching English in Africa. There are always schools and volunteer projects looking for English teachers. In some instances, you can teach English in Africa without a degree or you can teach in Africa over summer. 

Ready to take the plunge? Our community of meaningful traveler’s searches this past year have helped us create this report on trending destinations—here are the top 5 places to get TEFL certified in Africa in 2018!

1. South Africa

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When not memorizing grammar rules, get out and about and explore.

Thinking of getting TEFL certification in Africa? Head on down to South Africa, the rainbow nation. You’ll find a heap of schools and programs to choose from. You’ll also find some of the more popular TEFL jobs in Africa that focus on teaching youngsters or business professionals. South Africa is also a great place to study because it’s stuffed with popular adventure destinations like Table Mountain and adrenaline-packed activities like safaris, scuba diving, and surfing. 

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2.  Morocco

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Daydream your future students to help you stay motivated while completing your TEFL training.

Want to experience a mish-mash of Arab and European influences and get TEFL certification in Africa? Head to Morocco, where French and Arabic are spoken. Most TEFL courses are located in Marrakech, Rabat, and Casablanca. Between classes, load up on spices and sweets in the souks.  Be sure to try real Moroccan couscous, mint tea, and anything cooked in a tagine

Recommended program: Get TEFL certified in Marrakech with Via Lingua

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3. Algeria

Beach with boats along Mediterranean coast in Algeria

Algeria is a unique country to explore while upping your education credentials.

Did you know that Albert Camus, that famous French author of The Stranger, was born and raised in Algeria? Existentialism aside, this North African country is littered with mosques, Roman ruins, Mediterranean beaches, and mountains, making it very attractive to those who want to get TEFL certification in Africa. French-speaking Algeria is also the perfect place to practice le français. Get certified in Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, and Oran.

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4. Tunisia

Ruins of Roman amphitheater in Tunisia

Forget Italy! Explore Roman ruins in Tunisia, one of the best places to get TEFL certified in Africa!

Still wanting to do your TEFL in Africa? Try Tunisia! Like Algeria, its North African neighbor, Tunisia is both French and Arabic speaking. Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia is now a democracy, making it a very stable place for TEFL certification in Africa. In recent years, it’s also become a mega popular tourist destination in the Arab world, with its rich cultural heritage, beaches, medinas, and tradition of hospitality. 

Recommended program: Get TEFL certified in Tunisia with International TEFL Academy

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5. Namibia

Kayaking in swakopmund bay

Thinking of doing your TEFL in Africa? Try Namibia for an out-of-this-world experience!

Yes, we all know that Namibia is home to some seriously Instagrammable dunes and ghost town houses swallowed by sand. But this naturally beautiful country also has mountains, rivers, the Big Five wildlife, spooky shipwrecks—and TEFL courses. Our community considers it one of the best places to get TEFL certified in Africa; no doubt it’s desirability is rooted in its riches. Namibians are incredibly friendly and always looking for English teachers, so when you finish your course, why not stay a bit and test those new teaching skills on the locals? You won’t regret it!

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