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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Dresden

Teaching in Dresden, Germany will give you a unique window into life in the most dynamic nations in Europe. Once known as the “Florence of the North,” Dresden is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, particularly after it was rebuilt following WWII. The modern city of Dresden is deeply multicultural with a growing population of young people redefining what it means to be German today. Individuals who choose to teach abroad in Dresden, Germany are guaranteed to have a unique, beautiful, and rewarding experience living in Europe’s economic powerhouse.

What do you need to know about teaching abroad in Dresden, Germany

Teaching abroad in Dresden is sure to be an amazing experience full of new experiences, learning a foreign language and making an impact on young people! Here’s what you need to know as you look for teaching jobs in Dresden.

Popular ESL jobs in Germany. English job opportunities in Dresden are offered for native-English speaking international teachers at a variety of experience levels. It is best to have a TEFL certificate, as it will expand the job options in Dresden. Less experienced teachers may need to pursue private teaching or tutoring programs with a host family until they can build up their experience to land a formal teaching contract. For TEFL certified English teachers, public schools, English academics, private businesses and international academies may be available to teach in Dresden, Germany. 

Short term vs. long term teaching jobs—plus other tidbits on job structure. When looking into teaching programs in Dresden, one of the most important decisions to make is the length of stay. Short-term programs typically range from three to six months, while longer contracts could be an academic year or more! The major benefits of a short program is getting your feet wet in teaching (to make sure you like the school and city) without making a significant commitment. If you already love Germany and know you want a long term teaching position, you will have the added benefit of establishing meaningful relationships with your students. Plus you’ll have some serious  anmeldeinformationen to add to your resume!

Teaching English vs teaching other subjects. The easiest teaching jobs for foreigners to obtain in Western Europe are English teacher contracts. This is certainly true in Dresden! If you want to teach a subject other than English, you may have a harder time. While there are a variety of international schools in Dresden that may allow foreign teachers to teach different subjects, this positions are highly coveted and competitive. Plan to budget more time for your job search and you may have better luck securing non-English teaching jobs if you already live in Dresden and can make local connections.

Life in Dresden for ESL Teachers

As a flat and spacious city, Dresden is perfect for cycling and it is one of the best (and most inexpensive!) ways to commute to your school each day. There are many designated bike paths, especially downtown and you can easily spot them as they painted red, blue or white on the pavement. We highly recommend a ride along the Elbe river where you can marvel at the stunning skyline of old and new Dresden! 

If you choose to ride public transportation, there is a combined tram, bus, and train system, but no subway. Transit rides within the city limits typically cost around two euros or you can opt for day passes for about six euros. 

One of the best parts of teaching abroad in Dresden is getting to immersive yourself in the German culture! Outside of the classroom, there are plenty of ways to connect with the history and culture of the Saxony region of Germany. Although much of the city was destroyed by allied bombings during WWII, there has been significant restoration and rebuilding of the most famous structures, making them well-worth a visit. Check out museums in Dresden like Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace, Schloss und Grünes Gewölbe or Kunsthaus Dresden to get a sense of the past and present of Dresden.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for foreign teachers in Dresden, Germany

Dresden is a city defined by contrast. Its name recalls memories of both beauty and destruction. Its city center is modern yet old. It’s people are light-hearted but also suspicious of outsiders. It is one of Germany’s industrial, governmental, and cultural centers yet it still feels like a city that is lost in time and unsure of it’s future. It takes time to understand this complex and contradictory city, but when you invest your energy as you teach in Dresden, it will pay you back in wonderful rewards. We recommend that you take time to read about the history and background of this richly diverse region before going. 

In a country well-known for it’s Christmas markets, Dresden has the oldest Christmas market in Germany. Striezelmarkt is reason enough to stick out the typically gloomy winters in Dresden! Starting on the weekend of the first Advent, be sure to grab your warm mulled wine while you explore the booths offering regional trinkets like the famous wood figures (Räuchermännchen). 

While teaching abroad in Dresden, a popular refrain that you’ll see on billboards and ads is "für ein weltoffenes Dresden." It means “for a Dresden open to the world.” This is a city on the rise. Be one of the first in your circle of friends to explore this diverse and enchanting city by teaching abroad in Dresden, Germany! Its historic city center, stunning architecture, and vibrant local population will steal your heart and you won’t want to leave your teaching contract in Dresden Germany! 

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