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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Barcelona

Sweeping white sandy beaches, beautiful gothic architecture, a fun and energetic pulse that keeps the city alive into the early hours of the morning, is it any wonder that Barcelona is a study abroad mecca for students from all over the world? The second largest city in Spain, for centuries Barcelona has thrived as a cultural and commercial capital of the Mediterranean. From world-class historical museums to bizarre surrealist art to abundant modern discotecas, study abroad in Barcelona can be the cultural experience of a lifetime for anyone interested in Spanish culture and living the good life.

How to Study Abroad in Barcelona

The city is host to a variety of public and private educational institutions, and many study abroad programs in Barcelona have their own academic centers within the city as well. Even though the official language of Barcelona is Catalan, most classes available to international students are taught in Spanish or English. Classes which are taught in Spanish can often be challenging to follow for non-native speakers, but are a great way to advance your fluency of the language and they are sometimes adapted to fluency levels.

Popular areas of study in Barcelona include Spanish, Art, Architecture, Media Communications, and International Business. Barcelona may be a city best known for its rich artistic and cultural tradition, but it is also an increasingly important international place of business. Thus, there are a wealth of opportunities outside the classroom to advance your immersive experience in any of these areas of study in Barcelona. Like many great cities, history meets modernity in the streets of Barcelona.

The classroom structure in Spain is fairly laid back, whether you choose to study at the University of Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, or any other institution, so you will find that professors often even show up late for their own classes. Remember, this is all part of the culture, so just enjoy this aspect of student life in Barcelona. The temperate Mediterranean climate makes easy studying and living in Barcelona year round, and study abroad courses are typically offered for the summer, semester, or full academic year. Semesters generally run from September to December and January to June, with winter and summer breaks in between.

Student Life in Barcelona

The relaxed Mediterranean mindset which infiltrates Barcelona is a welcome lifestyle change to many students accustomed to the stressful demands of their home campus. This being said, the lulling pace of life can make for a challenging transition at first. Dinner is not typically eaten until nine or ten at night, nightlife extends early into the morning, and many shops will spontaneously close up during siesta time. Still, it is hard to complain about a change of pace when your weekends are spent lounging on balmy beaches drinking mojitos, which is not uncommon for students living in Barcelona.

Further, you will never become bored while living in Barcelona. If you like architecture, check out Gaudi’s beautifully unique structures spread out across the whole city. If sports is your thing, cheer on the world’s premier football club in FC Barcelona. Song and dance? Check out Flamenco or Sardana then dance the night away in one of Barcelona’s infamous discotecas. And when you’re tired of all this, leisurely stroll along Las Ramblas to soak it all in.

There are some things to be mindful of though. Most foreigners consider Barcelona to be part of Spain, however, locals pride themselves on their Catalonian heritage. Barcelona actually remains the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, so you will experience a different flavor if you study in Barcelona as opposed to the rest of Spain. Just one more thing that makes Barcelona unique: though most locals speak Catalan regularly, just about everyone is equally fluent in Spanish.

Where to Stay in Barcelona (& How)

Homestays are quite popular for study abroad in Barcelona, and offer international students a fantastic opportunity to experience Spanish culture in its familial form. Individual or group homestays can likely be organized through your study abroad program provider in Barcelona. Apartment or dormitory style housing may also be made available to those who are interested, especially those who choose to study in Barcelona at local universities.

If you are planning on studying abroad in Barcelona for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain a student visa before you leave home. Consult GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for the specific requirements based on your home country so you can enjoy living in Barcelona without immigration woes.

Why Study Abroad in Barcelona

Barcelona offers an enriching, challenging, and fun culture for study abroad students from around the world to revel in. Let go and live life to the fullest everyday in this historical and architectural wonder of the Iberian Peninsula. Perfect your Spanish, gain practical international experience, and meet travelers from all over the world as you embark on the experience of a lifetime and study in Barcelona. It’s all good in the warming breeze of the Mediterranean; just study abroad in Barcelona and come see why for yourself!

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Summer and Semester Programs in Spain with AIFS

Build Spanish language abilities and experience the local culture while studying abroad in Barcelona through AIFS. Students from the United States can earn credits while studying Business, Religious Studies, and many other subjects during various times of the year. AIFS programs even provide students with scholarship opportunities.


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Athena Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Grab the opportunity to study in Spain at the renowned Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona with Athena Study Abroad. The university is among the best academic centers in Spain and the European Union, both for the quality of its teaching staff and for its excellent research. Barcelona's mild climate and the diversity of the different landscapes of the Catalonia region provide students with a varie...


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Budget Academic Programs in Barcelona with CSA!

Study abroad in Barcelona, Spain with CSA. Students can develop their Spanish language skills and experience the local culture while taking courses at the University of Barcelona. Programs are available to international students year round, covering a variety of course areas, such as Political Science, Economics, and European Studies.


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Study Abroad in Spain with ISA

Broaden academic knowledge through this study abroad program offered by ISA (International Studies Abroad) in the stunning city of Barcelona. Participants receive support from the organization through an on-site office, where they can access free computer and Internet facilities, receive tutoring, and even get tips on how to fully-immerse themselves into the community.


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CIEE Business and Culture in Barcelona, Spain

In an increasingly globalized economy, international experience and understanding of foreign markets and practices are essential. Advance your Spanish language skills while pursuing a degree in business in the dynamic capital of Catalonia. You’ll explore issues related to business within the context of Spain and the European Union in classes with local students, taught in English or in Spanish....


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Study Abroad with Semester at Sea

Spend the fall semester in the stunning city of Barcelona and gain essential knowledge on your desired field through this international learning program offered by Semester at Sea. Students receive lessons, aboard a ship, about contemporary issues faced within the global sphere, including Sustainability, Religious Pluralism, and Economic Empowerment. No prior experience is required to be eligib...


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Language Learning in Spain

Explore Barcelona's fascinating culture while partaking in a comprehensive study abroad program developed by Eurocentres. Located in one of Spain's densely-populated cities, participants delve into the Spanish language while enjoying weekly excursions to various sites in the region of Catalunya. Furthermore, the organization conducts film-showings of Spanish movies and arranges dinners to meet ...


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