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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Granada

Granada has a way of finding a place in your heart and staying there forever. Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is near the Mediterranean coast, which provides a beautiful, temperate climate. A breathtaking view of an ancient Moorish palace or a conversation with a friendly Granadino over delicious tapas, and you’ll be transported back to a time where the past holds the same significance as the future, and the present provides a whirlwind of magic. Study abroad in Granada, Spain, and you’ll forever be linked you to this romantic city.

How to Study Abroad in Granada

Study abroad Granada programs range from liberal arts to business to sciences and more. Nearly half of the courses are offered in the summer, where you could also earn credits by interning or volunteering for organizations. 

Popular Subjects to Study. Heavily influenced with Moorish styles, architecture is a popular choice for students in Granada. Spanish is widely spoken throughout Granada, so it’s another popular option for those looking to learn another language. Many of the Granada study abroad programs include tours and excursions to other places in Spain, such as Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona, so you’ll get your dose of history in the real world. 

Short Term & Summer Programs vs. Long Term Programs. Whether you’re looking to spend a few weeks, a fall or spring term, or a sun’s revolution in Spain, you have plenty of options. You could even spend a J-term, spring break, or May term if you’re looking to intensely focus on one class and save a few bucks. If you’re interested in learning Spanish, you should consider living with a host family for a least a year in Granada. 

Attending University vs. Other Program Types. Some students might choose to directly enroll in the University of Granada or one of its other higher education institutions in Granada. You could even considering study abroad Granada programs through your own university or through a program provider. Before you decide, consult your university study abroad advisor, who can help you make sense of your options and zero-in on the perfect fit.

Student Life in Granada

Historic meets modern in Granada’s city center. People zoom around on mopeds, and you can stop at any street café for a quick bite of churros and chocolate or Spanish sangria and tapas. The city has expanded and so has shopping, dining, and entertainment options comparative to that of larger cities in Spain. However, what makes Granada so unique is that it has not been swept up in the bustle of some of its larger neighbors. It is easy to get transported back to ancient Moorish Spain when you’re browsing colorful Albyzín marketplaces and can mute the honking horns and squealing brakes of the city traffic. 

The Albayzín neighborhood boasts arguably the best view of La Alhambra from its Plaza of Saint Nicholas. This is one of the few remaining ancient Moorish communities; it was built to house the original artists and architects of La Alhambra. Nearby is the Sacromonte neighborhood, made entirely of inhabited caves. Sacromonte is known for its live Flamenco shows, which gives visitors a taste into the local Gitano culture. People come from around the world to explore the variety of outdoor activities in and around Granada too.

GoAbroad's Insider Tips

The list of things you can see and do while studying in Granada are nearly endless. Be sure to soak in a hammam (Arab bath house), take a guided tour of the largest mountain range in all of Europe, and wander through the Albaicin to get the full cultural experience here.

The best ways to get around Granada include riding the buses that will take you wherever you want to go within the city limits (you can save about 30 percent by purchasing a travel card), walking around, or bicycling throughout the city and outskirts. You can also get cheap eats by shopping at local markets or getting free tapas with your drinks. 

While you’ll fall in love with Granada, you might also experience culture shock with its laid-back, relaxed sense of time, especially with professors arriving later than you expect for classes. You might have to adjust to a different eating schedule and siestas in the afternoon, but you’ll soon adjust and appreciate this relaxed approach to life. 

The sheer beauty of La Alhambra, an ancient palace with manicured rose gardens, cannot be shown with pictures and words. The vibrancy of the Albayzín cannot be felt through description. Whether you’re winding through the narrow ascending streets of the Albayzín, marveling the Granada Cathedral, living it up with the locals with their exciting nightlife, the flavor of the Andalusian air and passion cannot be given justice through words — it must be experienced when you study in Granada. 

Read our comprehensive guide on study abroad in Spain.

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A Guide To
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API at The University of Granada in Granada, Spain

Designed for students who wish to study abroad in Granada to acquire a deeper knowledge of Spanish language and culture, the Hispanic Studies program allows students to take an advanced Spanish language course along with several elective courses in Spanish. Other Semester and Summer options include Language and Culture, and Intensive Language during both sessions. Internship opportunities also ...


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AIFS Study Abroad in Granada: Semester or Year

Spend a semester or academic year in Granada with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 15 credits studying at the University of Granada. No previous Spanish language study is required. Choose one of the following academic programs: - Spanish Language and Culture (taught in English) - Spanish Language and Culture (taught in Spanish) - Advanced Hispanic Studies + Optional Early Start Program - Intensiv...


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IES Abroad Granada - Study in Granada

Many travelers who visit Granada insist it's the must-see city in all of Spain. With one of the clearest windows into Spain's unique historical symbiosis of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the IES Abroad curriculum takes full advantage of Andalusia and all southern Spain has to offer including cultural excursions. Two semesters of college level Spanish are required to enroll in the Interm...


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ISA Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Hone your academic knowledge and Spanish language skills at the University of Granada, with a history that traces back to the 14th century! Join its community of over 81,000 students when taking courses at its Center for Modern Languages (CLM). Study Spanish language based on your level, whether absolute beginner or high advanced. If you have high intermediate and advanced proficiency level...


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Sol Education Abroad: Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Learn Spanish in one of the most ancient and diverse cities in Spain-- Granada! Spain is a country of fascinating diversity, visible in its people, its countryside, and its profound history. The variety of cultures that have influenced Spain include the Romans, Moors, and Gypsies. While living in Spain, you will learn about the diversity of cultures the country offers. Come experience the fasci...


Voyager Spain-13 Cities in 30 Days-a Summer Like No Other!

Voyager Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Segovia, Valencia, La Rioja, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Malaga, Cordoba, Toledo, Girona and Ibiza) is a program of Voyager Study Abroad (VSA). The program runs starts on June 26, 2019. Voyager Spain includes13 Cities in 30 days from $6,990. Add-on Ibiza for 14 Cities in 33 days from $7,490. No hidden costs! VSA is the expert in summer, multi-city...


Arcadia in Granada, Summer

The Arcadia program is based in the historic and charming neighborhood of el Realejo at the University of Granada's Centro de Lenguas Modernas.. The Centro de Lenguas Modernas is renowned for its Hispanic Studies and Spanish Language and Culture programs. Besides being one of Spain's premier institutions for international students, the CLM serves as the University's center for the teaching of f...


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School Trips Spain with Seville Abroad

Join the educational trip to Spain offered by Seville Abroad. This is a truly memorable and unique way to gain a deeper love and respect for the country’s language as well as develop more interest in your future studies. Our Spanish educational trips help you learn firsthand about a lot of things - language, way of life, culture, and history. You will have the chance to add the program with...


Spain Spanish & Culture

The warmth and beauty of Spain draw you in during this fantastic journey through exciting cities and quaint villages. Take your Spanish speaking skills to the next level this summer as you order tapas in Madrid, dance the flamenco with village locals and explore ancient castles in Granada. Become immersed in Spanish culture on this three week program and gain confidence in your abilities to tra...


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Spanish Language School in Granada, Spain

Travel with Frontier to the Andalusian city of Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain. Learn the world's most romantic language in a top class language school immersed in this glamorous and vibrant city. Granada is world famous for its fabulous 13th Century Moorish mountain citadel enclosing the fabulous palace and tranquil gardens of the Alhambra - a UNESC...


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Semesters in Spain

Our program combines challenging academic study (beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels) with practical opportunities for students to practice what you learn. Our programs are designed to provide a rich academic and cultural experience as well as foster lasting relationships between our students and the Spanish people. The Universities that you will attend are established and will offe...


Study Abroad in Spain: Universidad de Granada- summer

The University of Granada, with an 80,000 strong student population, is one of the oldest in Europe and one of the most important in Southern Europe. Its clear international vocation is reflected in 800 bilateral and multilateral exchange programs with institutions from all over the world and in its ample offer of quality academic and up-to-date course programs. The Centro de Lenguas Modern...