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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Copenhagen

Denmark has made it to the top ten happiest countries in the world on numerous occasions. It’s no surprise when the Danes pride themselves on providing their employees with great working conditions, and the nation is set on finding hygge (roughly translated as a sense of wellbeing) - it’s more than just a trend in the English speaking world! Don’t be fooled, though. The Danes work hard, they just know how to find the right balance. If feeling ecstatic about life and work is something you’re searching for, consider completing an internship in Copenhagen.

What you need to know about interning abroad in Copenhagen

If you’ve never completed an internship abroad before, you may be concerned about what to expect. Once you’ve done your research, we’re sure you’ll have it all figured out. Weigh up all your options (as they are probably many of them) and don’t rush into anything. 

Popular types of internships in Copenhagen. Love animals? Zoology internships are easy to come by in Copenhagen. These are perfect for those who have recently graduated and want to strengthen their resume before taking a full time job in their home countries. Budding zoologists will also be delighted to visit other neighbouring countries to observe wildlife one may not have a chance to see in other European countries (like beautiful birds and sweet seals). 

Science related fields, such as marine science are also very popular here, but are not limited to this field. Be sure you thoroughly search for the internship in Copenhagen you have your heart set on. There’s one for everyone!

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long-term internships in Copenhagen. If you have a long term goal related to your internship abroad, you should try your hardest to stay for as long as possible. Staying longer will enable you to learn about the work you’re doing in more detail in that particular area of the world. Understandably, it isn’t always possible for everyone to commit to these long term positions. If this is the case for you, enrolling in a short term internship can be just as valuable. Short term internships allow you to take time out of your busy lives (especially popular during summer breaks), while allowing you to learn about your field of work or study in a new environment.

Unpaid vs. paid internships in Copenhagen. We would all love to get paid for work we do, but this is the real world, and often internships are unpaid. Internships in Copenhagen are no different. Organizations, companies, schools, and more often pay a lot of money on materials and resources to provide these internships for international workers. Although you may have to live for a while on minimal spending, just think of what you’ll get in return and what it means for your future possibilities. If you do get offered a paid internship, do a happy dance and take the offer as this is a rarity these days!

Life Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for International Interns

International interns in Copenhagen may get a bit of a shock when they see the prices of, well, pretty much everything. As well as making the list of one of the happiest countries on the planet, Denmark also made the list of the most expensive countries. If you’re lucky enough to be offered one of the jobs in Copenhagen after your internship finishes, your salary will reflect the prices of the cost of living, so it won’t be an issue. However, until then, do your research on the area you’ll be staying in in Copenhagen, ask your internship provider if they offer any discounts and/or deals on anything, and budget as much as possible. 

Copenhagen itself is quite small, making it a mini-haven for international interns who don’t want to spend hours working out the complicated transportation system. You can easily walk and cycle around the city - saving you money and allowing you to discover as much of the city as possible.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for International Interns in Copenhagen

The food in Copenhagen may be a little different than what you’re used to, but that isn’t to say that it’s absolutely delicious. Brave the pickled fish dishes, mop it up with some rye bread, and wash it all down with a good Danish beer. 

If you’re worried about money during your stay, try to fill your free time with free and discounted activities. Visit Copenhagen have launched the Copenhagen Card which allows visitors to easily apply for through their online page, and visit different attractions in Copenhagen (after a one off payment has been made for the initial purchase of the card).

The Danes are exceptionally good at speaking English and will happily help you out if you’re in need of some assistance. If you want to take a little bit of Copenhagen home with you, ask them how to find hygge in your own space. 

Copenhagen is a marvelous city for international interns, and one that we’re sure you’ll keep close in your heart after your time being an Intern in Denmark is over. Go for it now for the time of your life!

Do you think interning in one of the happiest places in the world is for you? For more information have a look over our comprehensive guide to internships in Denmark.

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