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We believe that photography is something you can easily teach yourself, you do not really need a school for that. In fact, our students usually know their trade quite well. What you do need are people who support you and give you input, advice, and courage - in fact, this is maybe the single most important thing. Learning by doing, but hand in hand with a strong team of professionals and tutors...


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The Bachelor Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy is designed to give you the expertise you need in order to pursue a life in government, business and journalism and at international organizations and law firms. The bachelor degree will also equip you with the skills and knowledge needed if you choose to continue on to graduate studies in political science and international relations. ...


Our program combines challenging academic study (beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels) with practical opportunities for students to practice what you learn. Our programs are designed to provide a rich academic and cultural experience as well as foster lasting relationships between our students and the Spanish people. The Universities that you will attend are established and will offe...


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Students at Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus can study abroad for a summer, semester, year, or complete a full degree abroad. Over 150 universities in the US and around the world send their students to study abroad at SLU-Madrid. On campus, study abroad students enjoy the benefits of a 4-year campus: modern science laboratories, a full-service cafeteria, computer labs, Wi-Fi throughout th...


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The Universidad AutĂłnoma de Madrid is one of the best institutions for research work in the area of Molecular Biosciences. It is one of the top Spanish universities in terms of the impact of its scientific publications in this area. Students develop essential skills that can be used for research in the areas of Molecular Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry and similar fields....


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IE University's innovative Bachelor of Laws program is centered on the fundamentals of civil and common law, using comparative methodologies with a focus on European Union Law. The university places students in an international setting from day one, introducing them to an active teaching methodology that fully prepares them to build cases on a global scale. The program is aimed at individuals w...


UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA MIGUEL DE CERVANTES, Spain 90% of our students get part time job. UEMC is located in Valladolid. 1 hr by Madrid. We offer popular program for students. No IELTS

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Degrees Abroad in Madrid

Not many people realize that after London and Paris, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union, with the third largest GDP as well. Spain’s capital is a majorly influential hub of finance, politics, and culture within the European landscape, and this prestige has unsurprisingly bled into its education system as well. Earning your degree abroad in Madrid is the opportunity to study at a world-class university while perfecting your Spanish and immersing yourself in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Are you ready to embark on an adventure?

Academics & Degrees

Madrid is home to a handful of the most prestigious universities in Spain, and indeed all of Europe. Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid, and Polytechnic University of Madrid are widely considered to be the finest universities in the city, and there are dozens more public and private schools where you can look into whatever degree programs most interest you.

Some of the most popularly pursued degrees abroad in Madrid among foreign students include Spanish, international business, art history, environmental studies, and the liberal arts. There are hundreds of potential degrees you can choose from, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, so take the time to look into as many different schools and programs as possible.

Most universities in Spain will expect you to speak Spanish in order to be considered for enrollment, and will test you with a language examination as part of the admittance process. There are some programs which can offer an English-taught degree abroad in Madrid, but speaking Spanish is the way to ensure the most rewarding experience abroad both in and outside the classroom. If you’re not currently an adept Spanish speaker, it’s never too early (or late) to start learning!

Life in Madrid

For centuries serving as the political and cultural heart of Spain, Madrid has blossomed further in recent history to retain its status as the most influential city in Southern Europe. In addition to serving as the capital of Spain (the European Union’s fourth most populous country), Madrid is also home to diversity of powerful financial and nonprofit organizations, including the World Tourism Organization, a subsidiary of the U.N.

For all its growth of influence though, Madrid has still managed to lose no charm as a result. The city’s tremendous diversity of architecture, ranging from the Royal Palace constructed in the 18th century to the highly modern business district, is a testament to its longstanding role at the core of Spanish culture and history. On top of the city’s many famous attractions, the sheer number of great restaurants, museums, clubs, and every sort of other avenue for entertainment make it a haven for international students of all interests.

Some elements of Spanish culture will undoubtedly require an adjustment while you earn your degree abroad in Madrid (such as late starts in the morning, later dinners at night, and even later nights on the town). However as you develop a routine of balancing work with exploring and enjoying the city, you’ll be feeling comfortable as a local in no time at all.

Scholarships & Costs

The price of higher education across Spain remains reasonable, so you won’t have to break the bank too hard in order to earn your degree abroad in Madrid. Students coming from within the European Union will generally have to pay around $1,000 to $2,000 in tuition for public universities, and several thousands more for private education. Students coming from outside the EU will face additional fees, though nothing too substantial.

Spain is actually an inexpensive country to live in by Western European standards, though you should still plan to live on a budget while earning your degree abroad in Madrid, its major city. There are additionally a wide variety of scholarships out there which can help ease your financial burden.

Accommodation & Visas

Many students choose to live in campus dormitories while earning their degree abroad in Madrid, which is generally the cheapest and most convenient option. If you are interested in living off campus in your own apartment at some point during your degree track, then it’s a good idea to find roommates to live with in order to help out with rent. Some degree programs in Madrid may alternatively offer a homestay for international students staying for shorter tenures, as well.

Students coming from within the EU will typically not have to apply for a visa in order to earn their degree abroad in Madrid, while students coming from beyond the EU will need their host school’s endorsement in order to study abroad. For more information about Spain’s visa policy toward your home nation, be sure to check out our Spanish Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Spanish Immersion. Earning your degree abroad in Madrid is the perfect avenue to becoming fluent in Spanish, one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages. Where you go next is up to you!

History Speaks. Spain is an underappreciated force within modern Europe, and has long been one of the most influential countries on the continent. Earning your degree abroad in Madrid, you’ll learn about the dramatic history of this southern power.

Central Geography. Madrid is located directly in the heart of Spain, making it quite literally central to all the country’s affairs. It is a great launching point to travel from, and brings all the diversity of Spanish character into its fold.

Earning your degree abroad in Madrid is the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in one of Europe’s largest and most influential cities; discover firsthand what makes Spain’s capital such an attractive destination for globetrotters from all over the world!

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