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Semesters in Spain

Our program combines challenging academic study (beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels) with practical opportunities for students to practice what you learn. Our programs are designed to provide a rich academic and cultural experience as well as foster lasting relationships between our students and the Spanish people. The Universities that you will attend are established and will offe...


Pharmacy Bachelor's Degree - CEU -Cardenal Herrera - SPAIN

The Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera degree in Pharmacy is one of its most interesting programs due to teaching method based in the Pharmacy Practice Classroom approach. Pioneered in Spain, the method focuses on a classroom that replicates a real pharmacy. Students may also gain a free qualification in Pharmacy Management and Marketing that will complement the degree and improve employability. ...


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Undergraduate Study at ESIC Business & Marketing School

Pursuing a career in business? Aiming to be your own boss? In that case, complete your undergraduate degree in this field or in a similar discipline at ESIC Business & Marketing School. Our program offerings consist specialized qualifications in business administration and management, digital economy, marketing, strategy and organization, and other related areas. We also have our own certifi...


Gastronomy and Culinary Management

The Bachelor Study Programme in Gastronomy and Culinary Management equips prospective students with a solid and practical foundation on which to build their future careers. Because Gastronomy and Management are not isolated disciplines, our courses include content related to communications, marketing, microbiology, nutrition and consumer psychology, aimed at giving students global perspective, ...