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Master's Degree Program: Energy Technology

Enroll in Energy Technology, a master’s degree that trains you to become a professional in dealing with the challenges of engineering and management within a global energy sector. You will gain knowledge of modern energy systems and equipment as well as innovation technologies. The program’s major areas of expertise include the following: - Advanced knowledge of thermodynamics - Thermal ...


One-year intensive MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO)

Energy resources in Siberia, Central Asia, the Caspian Basin, and other regions of Eurasia shape the world politics, security, and international relations in the one-year intensive ENERPO Master’s degree program focus specifically on Eurasian energy affairs. In the 21st century competition and cooperation over the energy resourses has become one of key factors in the international affairs. You ...


Russian Language and Culture Programme

HSE Saint Petersburg invites you to spend six exciting weeks discovering Russia and learning more about its language and culture. We offer intensive language classes every day, from Monday to Friday, as well as interactive lectures on politics, religion and economics of Russia. Since our program is based in the cultural capital of Russia, there will be ample opportunities to get to know the ...


Master’s Programme in Financial Economics

The Financial Economics MSc programme is both academically rigorous and applied. The curriculum is a unique blend of core courses in micro- and macroeconomics, econometrics, asset pricing, and corporate finance, together with applied courses in various fields of economics and finance. Programme graduates receive a HSE diploma and an official letter of validation from the London School of Eco...