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A Guide to Adventure Travel in England

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Beatles, and David Beckham welcome you to England! You might not be able to have afternoon tea with Will and Kate, but imagine hiking up the Lake District and rewarding yourself with a hearty Sunday roast at the local pub — just as yum. In a country so rich in culture, history, and art, constantly being transformed by the diversity of the British population, there is an adventure waiting to be discovered by everyone. So pack your bags (remember the umbrella), set aboard Harry Potter’s Knight Bus, and get ready to explore on adventure travel programs in England.


North and South England have as many differences as medium rare steak and cottage pie, but they’re both just as delicious and mouth-watering. The beauty of adventures in England is, no matter where you decide to go, the rest of the country isn’t far away. With the public transport (relatively) on time, a short train, plane, car ride away are many cities, villages, small hamlets waiting to be stumbled upon by you. 

Wrestling for a coffee or queuing for bottomless brunch in hipster-trendy Shoreditch is a rite of passage to be considered a Londoner. As one of the most popular cities in the world, London is obviously an exciting choice. Don’t assume that because it’s a major (and slightly very expensive) city that there’s no affordable adventures to be found! From free walking tours of all sorts of funky categories and sleepovers in the Natural History museum to horseback riding through picturesque Hyde Park, you’ll marvel at the choices London has to offer on your quest to adventure around the capital. 

Many consider London not a true representative of England; they are accurate on many accounts. Manchester, known as the “capital of the north,” portrays a more relaxed, if not cool-grunge, side of the Brits. Just a short train ride away, the Peak District await the eager pitter-patter of hiking boots to explore endless trails in no matter what weather conditions. Keep in mind that a typical day includes all four seasons. 

If you truly want to see England as British as it gets, venture to Bath, considered one of the oldest Roman cities (that also happens to boast top spas). The narrow cobbled streets bustling with university students on bikes lead to steamed-up coffee shops offering homemade scones with Cornish clotted cream and grandma’s raspberry jam. No matter what season you visit, a specialty drink awaits your arrival: freshly-made Pimm’s to cool you down on a hot summer’s trek or a hot toddy to get circulation flowing after long hikes in the cold rain.

Adventure Travel in England

You’ve set your heart on adventure travel in England, but not sure what type of you want to venture on? Don’t be daft and nervous, read on! There’s much more than fancy tea dates and buttered scones in England. Water, land, wheeled, animal, and good-deed adventures await! 

Heard of Ascot, which hosts thoroughbred horse racing? Whether you’re a beginner or a jockey in your spare time, there are many horse treks and trails available throughout the country. It’s a beautifully scenic and breathtaking way to discover parts of the country that aren’t accessible via faster modes of transport. You’ll come across real Englishmen too- especially if you throw on a top hat or ride side-saddle.

English people love the outdoors, and they seem to be immune to the rain. There are countless hiking programs, which can be upgraded to cycling paths that come with plenty of opportunities to play in the mud. For those that prefer sea to land, there’s surfing off the east coast, sailing options in and out of yachts, and rafting rides that’ll make Harry’s adventures seem tame in comparison.

Any more ideas, do you say? Oh darling, there are plenty more adventures in England you can choose from! From conservation projects (imagine being part of a team that discovers history dating back to Roman times!) to kicking around footballs in the stadiums home to leading football clubs like Manchester United, the list is as long as Hadrian’s Wall. England is as rich in adventure as London is as rich in… well, everything.

Costs & Affordability

You’ve heard rumors about how expensive England is. Like with any country, some aspects are, some services aren’t. Whatever your budget, there is some crook and cranny for adventure travel in England where you can feast like kings, drink like rowdy sailors, and get your blood flowing with some amazing nature.

British supermarkets, like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, offer meal deals from as little as from $3 for a  combo meal. Primark, the ultimate heaven if you need an entire new wardrobe in one go without robbing Gringott’s, will take care of any suitcase mishaps. Student areas in most cities will offer an extremely affordable deals of all kinds during the week (and lots of free events!). So no excuse on bailing on the most epic trip because of monetary reasons — everyone can make it happen.

Adventure travel program costs vary greatly on the nature of the program. Always check to make sure all that is included in the price tag: accomodation, gear, transportation, food, etc. A good thing to note is that the great outdoors runs through British blood, so the concept of backpacking in desolate regions, jumpin on ships in stormy weather, and going on spontaneous camping trips is the norm. As long as you invested in a good pair of hiking boots, there’ll be a program for your budget.

While there aren’t too many scholarships that fund adventure abroad, there’s the ever-popular crowdfunding bandwagon that you can jump on. Write a plan, draft a budget, and stick with it!

Accommodation & Visas

With fantastic technology advancements in the world, there are many tools to facilitate finding a place to stay and figuring out how to enter the country and stay in it. Silicon Valley might have invented a lot of websites we use today, but the Brits are bloody fast adopters!

There are many options to have a roof over your head in England; hostels are very common for younger travelers, campsites are aplenty, and there’s homestays for those wanting an authentic British experience of living with the locals.  Most advertise online and are on point with communication, so you’ll have endless choices to choose from. Wifi is now a guaranteed must, with many offering lifts from the station/airport, walking guides and more. There’s something for every budget, although take note that summer months book up in advance! 

Visas for adventure travel programs in England depend on your nationality. Those from a visa-waiver country don’t need a visa to enter England and you’re permitted to stay up to six months. Travelers from the EU are permitted to travel freely under the Schengen law. Always make sure to check with a British embassy before traveling to the UK.

Benefits & Challenges

One of the reasons why England is a leading country is due to its intense diversity. People from all over the world immigrate to England to embark on a new phase of their lives. Over time, this has created a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-flavoured England that we have come to recognise today. Walk down a street and listen out for the number of languages you hear - sometimes you'll forget you're in England!

There is one thing that this melting pot has in common: a love for nature and pushing boundaries. There’s many efficient railway links between the biggest cities and smallest villages, allowing fearless adventurers to travel easily to all corners of the country. The outdoor mindset offers plenty of programs that take you from the icy waters to the tops of peaks; there’s a desire to conquer and achieve, especially when it comes to man v. nature.

Splash around the Lakes District, stroll around Christmas Markets with a warm cuppa, befriend Guy Fawkes on the fifth of November, and gallop alongside Mr. Darcy. No matter what kind of adventure in England you’re looking for, it’ll be a jolly good deal. Jump on over!

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A Guide To
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