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Choose from 3 campuses or travel-study programs in Barcelona

Become immersed in Spanish culture for a summer, semester, or full academic year with CISabroad. Students have the opportunity to study in some of Barcelona's most notable schools, the University of Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and Barcelona International College. CISabroad programs include transferable class credits, excursions, and academic advising.

Summer Study Abroad in Barcelona Spain

Experience the vibrant way of life in Barcelona through study abroad programs provided by Barcelona SAE. Students can spend a few weeks in the summer, or a full semester or year, attending the city's most prestigious schools, including Barcelona International College, Universidad de Pompeu Fabra, and the Universidad de Barcelona. Participating students will earn academic credits as they complet...

Study in Spain with API

Study Abroad in Barcelona with API. American and Canadian students can study at the University of Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, or Pompeu Fabra University for the summer, a semester, or a full year. API's program allow students to build their Spanish language fluency while learning more about an array of subjects, such as Literature, Latin American Studies, and Sociology.

Summer in Barcelona with Forum-Nexus!

Live and study in Barcelona through Forum-Nexus Study Abroad. Students can take a maximum of two courses during the summer term, in subjects such as International Business, Economics, and Finance, at IQS School of Management. Courses provide students with the chance to gain a deeper understanding of European cultures, economics, and societies.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Take part in Panrimo's study abroad program located in Barcelona. Students have the chance to attend Barcelona's Autonomous University and study a variety of subjects, including Spanish, International Policy and Diplomacy, and Global Jewish Policy. The program provides participants with Airport Pick-up, On-site Coordinators, Letters of Recommendation, and many other inclusions.

Inspiring Summer and Semester Programs in Spain

Develop professional skills with SAI Programs in the bustling city of Barcelona. Choose between the finest universities in Spain: Elisava Barcelona School for Design and Engineering and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Internship placements vary from International Business to Interior Design. Maximize the student international experience through cultural explorations in the city’s well-kn...

Summer and Semester Programs in Spain with AIFS

Build Spanish language abilities and experience the local culture while studying abroad in Barcelona through AIFS. Students from the United States can earn credits while studying Business, Religious Studies, and many other subjects during various times of the year. AIFS programs even provide students with scholarship opportunities.

Semester and Summer Studies in Spain with IES Abroad

Indulge in the culture and way of life in Barcelona, Spain through IES Abroad programs. Student can study many different subjects which are taught in both English and Spanish, such as Latin American Studies, History, and Advanced Spanish Studies. Courses are available for both semesters or for full academic years. Participating students can take part in cultural events as well as optional field...

Study Abroad in Spain with ISA

Broaden academic knowledge through this study abroad program offered by ISA (International Studies Abroad) in the stunning city of Barcelona. Participants receive support from the organization through an on-site office, where they can access free computer and Internet facilities, receive tutoring, and even get tips on how to fully-immerse themselves into the community.

Budget Academic Programs in Barcelona with CSA!

Study abroad in Barcelona, Spain with CSA. Students can develop their Spanish language skills and experience the local culture while taking courses at the University of Barcelona. Programs are available to international students year round, covering a variety of course areas, such as Political Science, Economics, and European Studies.

Study Abroad with Semester at Sea

Spend the fall semester in the stunning city of Barcelona and gain essential knowledge on your desired field through this international learning program offered by Semester at Sea. Students receive lessons, aboard a ship, about contemporary issues faced within the global sphere, including Sustainability, Religious Pluralism, and Economic Empowerment. No prior experience is required to be eligib...

Culture and International Business Studies In Spain

Delve into Barcelona through this study abroad program provided by CEA Global Education. With programs offered throughout the year, participants get the chance to choose from a broad range of academic programs, such as Anthropology, Photography, and Economics. Students can also participate in various activities, such as Barca soccer matches, Flamenco shows, and cooking lessons. This program is ...

Study in Spain with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Study abroad in Barcelona with Globalinks Learning Abroad. American and Canadian students can spend a semester or full academic year studying at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona or at the University of Barcelona. International students can learn both Spanish and Catalan, while studying a variety of subjects, including Creative Writing, International Relations, and Middle Eastern Studies.

Language Learning in Spain

Explore Barcelona's fascinating culture while partaking in a comprehensive study abroad program developed by Eurocentres. Located in one of Spain's densely-populated cities, participants delve into the Spanish language while enjoying weekly excursions to various sites in the region of Catalunya. Furthermore, the organization conducts film-showings of Spanish movies and arranges dinners to meet ...

Study Spanish in Spain with Don Quijote

Broaden horizons and gain experience through a cross-cultural study abroad program with Don Quijote. Students can earn credits as well as increase Spanish language proficiency through studying in different locations including Alicante and Barcelona. Programs are open to worldwide participants and students can enroll for a term or a whole academic year.

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Barcelona Study Abroad

Student Journals from Barcelona

Real Stories from Real Students

A look in to study abroad in Barcelona based on real student's experiences. From stepping off the plane to saying goodbye, advice on what to expect studying abroad in Barcelona.

Arriving in Barcelona

In the past week, we have welcomed over 100 students from all over the US to Barcelona. The reactions of students when they step off the plane range from excitement to terror. For many students, this is their first time in Barcelona. For some, it is their first time abroad. For a few, it may even be their first time on an airplane.

The first stop for our students arriving in Barcelona is to their flat or homestay. When living in Europe you need to have an open mind about housing- everything is much smaller than in the states! Most flats don't have a drier- you line dry all of your clothes. You often have to light the gas range on the stove, and sometimes the showerhead will not be attached to the wall in the shower. Learning to adapt to these differences is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of studying abroad. Every student flat is unique and they are VERY nice by Spanish standards. One of my favorite things about Barcelona is that just about every single flat in this city has an outdoor living space. Whether it is a tiny balcony just big enough for a single chair, or a large terraza where you can convene with friends, it is easy to enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your home.

After students settle in, we have orientation. Often times, students will have had a "pre-departure" orientation on campus that may cover many of the same topics, such as health and safety, travel tips, and cultural sensitivity. However, once students are actually on the ground, this all seems more "real". Orientation is a great opportunity for students to meet one another as well as ask any burning questions they might have!

Orientation is followed by a walk in the city center. The tour begins by showing the students how to buy a metro pass and navigate the Barcelona metro system. Despite the fact that I don't speak Spanish, I personally find the metro here easier to navigate than the metro in Washington, DC. We take the metro to Catalunya, which is the third largest plaza in all of Spain.

Although it is not technically the center of the city geographically speaking, this is considered by many to be the "central' point in Barcelona. From here we explore the Cathedral of Barcelona, a bit of the Gothic Quarter, Placa Sant Jaume, and Las Ramblas. And of course no tour would be complete without a pit stop for gelato :)

By the end of their first day in Spain, students are exhausted, yet excited to begin their Barcelona adventure.

Day One - Exploring

What a day! My Austin to NYC flight got delayed roughly 3 hours, cutting it VERY short for my NYC to Barcelona connection flight. Fortunately, the odds were in my favor and the airline was able to hold the flight for me a few minutes in NYC. The flight was smooth and I made it in time to Barcelona. Attempting to fight the jetlag, I may or may not have drank too much coffee. May or may not.

I arrived to my apartment and met my host, Luisa. Amazing woman! Even more amazing is her apartment. I love natural lighting and this pad has it! I then settled in, went grocery shopping, only to find out there's about three supermarkets within two blocks. How convenient, there's a cute coffee shop right next door too!

Ten euros later, I came back with just breakfast items: Almond milk, yogurt, oatmeal, pineapple slices, and instant coffee. Prices were okay. That's usually how much I spend back home for a week worth of breakfast. I did try the yogurt this morning...and it seems like everything tastes better in a foreign country! I'm not really into plain yogurt but this Danone natural yogurt was so rich in flavor and creamy AND it also has less calories per serving than Danone yogurt in the States! Double win! (I'm a nutrition major, i look into these things when I purchase food) Anyway, I finally took a siesta.

5:00 p.m. rolled in and I woke up to an empty stomach. Luisa was nice enough to make me a handmade map of the neighboring streets. Best idea ever! I was still suffering jet lag syndrome, so something light was my best option and Luisa's map lead me to a small cafeteria that served bocadillos. I enjoyed ...I forgot the name, but it was a baguette bread with cheese and some sort of meat and freshly squeezed OJ. Simple and delicious. just four euros.

I walked off my meal in the neighboring streets only to find myself in Spain's largest chain of gyms, DIR-Castillejos. I'm so glad I decided to check it out! Too pricey but I still managed to get a one-month subscription.

Anyway, as of right now, I'm laying in bed waiting for the rain to pass by and hopefully get some cardio soon at DIR...until then, I'll probably suck up the wi-fi surfing the web for things to do in Barcelona. Hasta pronto!

Final Days of Study Abroad

I am currently in Barcelona enjoying my very last few days here unfortunately. I am learning a lot while I am here about the culture and the language especially since I am taking Spanish courses here. I love my professors because they are so caring and helpful.

I am enjoying my homestay because my family makes me feel at home and comfortable in this environment. I love being able to apply what I have learned in class and use it is the "real world." I am really enjoying the beautiful beaches and gorgeous views of Barcelona. 

I am loving the authentic cuisine and food Barcelona has to offer such as Paella or Pan con Tomate. I really enjoyed the cooking class Tuesday. I feel like I learned how to cook real Spanish food. I loved everything we eat at the cooking class, especially the Paella.