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GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

Travel to the beautiful island of Bali and work directly with an impoverished community. You will be assisting in the development of local villages through various work projects. Volunteers have the chance to pick from a selection of projects such as construction work and health care education. This is an amazing project to volunteer in because you will witness the transformation of communit...

volunteer in Indonesia

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International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the world's leading volunteer travel organization, providing affordable, safe and responsible volunteer programs in over 30 different destinations around the world. With program fees starting from just USD 10 per day, IVHQ is the volunteer organization of choice for thousands of volunteers every year. Established in 2007, IVHQ has supported over 55,0...

Volunteer in Indonesia

Education Support in Indonesia

This highly enriching teaching project is based in Ubud, a serene town referred to as the heart of Bali. It is the center of self-awareness journeys amidst terraced rice paddies and a lush rainforest. Ubud has a booming tourism scene. Unfortunately, plenty of local communities still suffer from poverty despite the tourism dollar keeping the town running. Its education system, in particular,...


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Teach at a School in Bali

Anyone who has put in the time and effort to master a new language will tell you that the best way to solidify your knowledge is to be immersed, or at the very least, to be around native speakers. While there is obviously not a feasible way to send all the students in a school into an immersive English speaking environment, it is very feasible to expose the children to native English speakers. ...

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With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...


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Affordable & Trusted Volunteer Abroad Programs from $150

Join Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) - a renowned international organization - in countries like Cambodia, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, and Vietnam! Sign up for any of our volunteer programs, which are highly affordable and driven on community needs. Our projects are based in Africa and Asia, with durations ranging from two weeks to six months. Join us any time of the year, as we schedule two start da...


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Psychology Internships Abroad - Bali, Indonesia

Our Bali Mental Health placement is a 4-week opportunity to delve into global mental health. From interactive workshops to seven different projects a week, you're busy, but this isn't meant to be a vacation. You'll spend your time on placement running Activity Support sessions in one of Indonesia's inpatient psychiatric facilities, as well as teaching English and working with people with sp...


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Volunteering Abroad through GivingWay

GivingWay is a free and open platform through which worldwide travelers connect with local nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. With hundreds of volunteering opportunities in over 80 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it easy for everyone to find just the right cause to support. Whether you want to teach English in Thailand, help out in a white lion san...


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Volunteer Abroad in Indonesia - United Planet - 6 or 12 Months

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago state, made up of an astounding 17,508 islands in Southeast Asia. Securing its independence after World War II, Indonesia has continued in its important role as a trade region, which dates back to the seventh century. Since declaring independence, Indonesia has been turbulent, with challenges posed by natural disasters, corruption, separatism, a demo...


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Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures

Do you want to volunteer with orangutans and our other animals by rehabilitating them? Fancy helping prepare some of them for eventual release back into the wild? Want to volunteer abroad and visit Indonesia? Then look no further! We’re serious about making an impact. We’ve already rescued, rehabilitated and released many animals back into the wild, but there is a constant need to do more. I...