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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Lima

Opportunities in Lima are as endless as appreciating the horizon from this coastal city. Located near the Pacific Ocean, Lima is a city full of character and uniqueness. Teaching abroad in the capital of Peru, besides equipping you with great work experience, will expose you to meaningful connections and will bring you closer to the city’s personality and charm. Ready to step out of your comfort zone and acquire valuable experience? Teaching abroad in Lima might be the next step.

What you need to know to teach in Lima

As fantastic as it is, life in Lima is different from the life you have back home. You will certainly face many challenges and it might be difficult to adapt at first, however, as soon as you land, you will understand that teaching abroad in Lima is just a new experience and memory that will give you more perspective and shape who you are. 

Popular ESL jobs in Lima. Teaching comes in many forms, and although institutions hold similar standards and obligations, your experience can dramatically change depending on where you choose to work. When it comes to choosing a place to teach in Lima, reflect on your preferences and skills. University level teaching is very different from basic education and tutoring centers

On the other hand, if you opt to work in a tutoring center or primary education, chances are you have more free time to explore your surroundings, and connect with your students and colleagues outside of the classroom setting. This can you give you the feel of a more complete experience. 

Short term vs. long term teaching jobs, and other tidbits on job structure. Once you’ve found where you want to work, it’s time to decide for how long! If you’re short on time, most jobs related to teaching come as volunteering, which will give you more perspective into how working with the community functions, and doesn’t require you to formally settle down in the city. 

However, if you choose to formally work in Peru, you can find schools and institutions that will legally hire you. It might be more competitive to find a job in exchange for a salary, since qualifications are higher, like having a TEFL certificate in some cases. But this will definitely broaden your horizons and expose you to how the school system works and the challenges some of the children have to go through on their daily basis. 

Teaching English vs. teaching other subjects. Teaching English is one of the most popular subjects to teach in Lima. Language creates powerful bonds, therefore, by teaching English in Lima you will be able to connect to the roots of the city: its people. Although Spanish is Peru’s most spoken language, in a globalized world, English plays a big role and is increasingly becoming more popular. 

Consider teaching English in Lima in universities, public schools, and language institutes. If you have the required certifications (TEFL), and skills, great opportunities will open your way. 

On the other hand, if languages are not your preference, and you have other skills that you could offer to the community, don’t hesitate to choose Lima as your destination. Teaching other subjects like Math, Geography, and History is also popular and it broadens your workspace.

Life in Lima for ESL teachers

Lima might be very different from your hometown. Although it might seem disorganized, it is actually organized in its own way. Nevertheless, make sure you are prepared for these changes. 

Public transportation might be difficult to understand at first, but as soon as you get the Lima vibe, you will be rolling. Be Street Smart and protect your valuables, but don’t stop yourself from capturing that unique Instagram post you’ve been waiting for! Let your adventurous spirit shine! Make sure you explore your surroundings, schedule a visit to Machu Picchu, and plan to take in some of the historical Museums located in Lima. 

People are outgoing and friendly, however, as a foreigner, you immediately become more vulnerable. Make sure you’re aware of your responsibility when visiting a country, and be open minded to different ideas and mindsets. Even if you come to the city to teach, be aware that the environment can teach you much more than what you expect. Be like a sponge: absorb everything.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for foreign teachers in Lima

Español is the national language in Peru, and Limeñians are recognized for speaking faster than people in other areas of Peru. Being able to communicate in Spanish not only will allow you to feel safer, it is also the key to fully immerse yourself in the culture. 

Being the capital of Peru, Lima tends to have higher prices compared to other areas of the country. Make sure you save money before coming, and purchase locally when you arrive! 

The use of extravagant spices, creativity, and passion rank Peruvian cuisine as one of the most diverse gastronomies in the world. They have around 250 national desserts throughout the country and more than 2000 variety of soups in coastal areas. Make sure you save yourself some time to become a food critic and explore local restaurants as well as recipes. 

Last but not least, open your heart to Lima and great experiences will come your way. The key to a great experience teaching abroad in Lima is to welcome the unfamiliarity and learn from the people you meet, the places you see, and the roads you travel. 

Feeling mucho inspired? Read our comprehensive guide on teaching abroad in Peru.

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A Guide To
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