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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Zurich

Any city that’s bursting with theatres, museums, concert halls, bars, and nightclubs is an interesting and exciting place to study abroad. Zurich has all that and more. Home to the stock market and one of Google’s largest worldwide development centers, you’ll have plenty to learn and do in this multicultural and vibrant city! It’s known for its hospitality, and many who visit Zurich quickly fall in love. Study abroad in Zurich for a semester or year, and you’ll quickly see what the praise is all about.

How to Study Abroad in Zurich

The city is among the world’s largest financial institutes and home to countless numbers of banking heads. As one of the leading global cities in the world, Zurich is a smart study abroad destination. 

Popular Subjects to Study. There are many fields of study that ambitious students can pursue in this bustling city, which include business, management, economics, humanities, and liberal arts. Some of the more popular ones include international relations and foreign languages (French, German, and Italian). 

Short Term vs. Summer vs. Long Term Programs. You can find study abroad Zurich programs that are seasonal (fall, spring, summer, and winter) and some that are throughout the year. If you choose to study a foreign language, it’s recommended to stay for a least a year and live with a host family if possible as well. 

Attending Universities vs. Other Program Types. You could choose to directly enroll in the University of Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, or one of its many other higher education institutions in Zurich. You might also opt to study in Zurich through your own university or through a program provider. Consult a study abroad advisor at your university to help you determine your goals and credit needs before choosing a program that will be the right fit for you.

Student Life in Zurich

Having all four seasons, Zurich can make anyone can feel at home during their stay. While the people of Zurich are very serious about their studies, they also know how to let go and have a good time! With more than 500 bars and 80 nightclubs, one will never be bored in the European city that never sleeps. Along with the many bars and restaurants to explore, Zurich has several cultural festivals and parades throughout the year. 

Students can also enjoy symphony or chamber orchestras, theater, and the Niederdorf — the downtown area filled with alleys, restaurants and shopping, which comes alive with people and dancing when the sun goes down. Feel like royalty and treat yourself to a day of pursuing Bahnhofstrasse, the main street of downtown with one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive shopping areas. Take a stroll to Lindenhof, located on the top of a high hill, in the heart of Old Town and soak in the view.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Studying abroad in Zurich promises rich culture and tradition during your program. Those studying in Zurich during the spring semester will love to be a part of the traditional spring holiday, Sechseläuten. This traditional festival includes the burning of a giant stuffed rag doll shaped like a snowman, called Böögg — it symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This tradition takes place at the end of the Zunft parade. 

Another cool celebration that takes place in Zurich is the streetparade, and it is just that: a large open-air dance party where everyone is invited. The parade takes place on the second Saturday of August and moves along the side of Lake Zurich, starting at Utoquai and ending at Hafen Enge. This event brings many visitors to the area who enjoy the food, dancing, and music all over the city.

The lively culture of the Swiss includes cuisine that’s just as adventurous and inviting as the people and the landscape. Zürigschnätzlets is a Zurich specialty dish made of veal, cream sauce and wine; other must-try dishes in Zurich are Chnöpfli, small noodle dumplings, and Rösti, a Swiss potato pancake. Overall, Zurich is more than a great place to study abroad, it has been listed as one of the top world cities for offering the best quality of life to its citizens.

Read our comprehensive guide on studying abroad in Switzerland.

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