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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Austria

Settled in the heart of Europe on the northeastern slopes of the Alps, Austria has long been one of the most influential countries on the continent. It is a globally oriented nation with a high standard of living, magnificent architecture, and some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you could ask for. Home to some of the greatest artists, musicians, and thinkers in history, study abroad in Austria, a small country of 8 million people, will be an enriching experience for students of all academic interests.


Austria is a landlocked country, with a primarily mountainous terrain, sharing western borders with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, with Italy and Slovenia to the south, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, and Germany and the Czech republic to the north.

Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city by far, home to nearly one-third of the country’s population. Known as the “City of Music” for its rich legacy in opera and classical genres, today Vienna is also regarded as one of the world’s most livable cities, because of its affluence, architectural beauty, and easily navigable infrastructure.

Salzburg is another popular destination for study abroad in Austria. A much smaller city than Vienna, Salzburg is a popular student town because of its three major universities and variety of smaller academic institutions. Infamous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg retains a quaint charm, and its Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Other common destinations for study abroad in Austria include Graz, Linz, and Klagenfurt. Bear in mind that English may not be spoken as commonly in these smaller cities, so start brushing up on your German language skills if you are planning to study abroad in Austria off the beaten trail!

Studying Abroad in Austria

Those who study in Austria will likely enroll in courses either at a larger university alongside Austrian students or at a smaller international institution alongside fellow study-abroaders. However, your learning environment all depends on the study abroad program you choose and your level of German language comprehension, as most courses at larger universities are taught in the native language. No matter where you study in Austria, it almost guaranteed that you will be taking courses taught by fully accredited professors and earn academic credits that are fully transferable to your home university. 

Popular subjects of study in Austria include Music, History, and Psychology (Vienna was the home of Sigmund Freud, after all). You will typically have a wider selection of courses to choose from if you enroll in courses at a large Austrian university; however, smaller study abroad institutions tend to tailor course subjects to international students, which can be highly rewarding too. 

German Language courses are also usually undertaken by international students who study abroad in Austria, whether they are beginners or advanced speakers. If you are currently studying German, then studying abroad in Austria and making the effort to communicate with locals as much as possible will advance your fluency by leaps and bounds. If you are new to the German language, even learning the basics can be a big help navigating everyday life outside the classroom while studying in Austria!

Scholarships & Costs

Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so studying abroad in Austria won’t exactly be the cheapest venture you’ve ever taken. Just be sure to plan a careful budget and not go overboard while living and studying in Austria. There are plenty of free things to do in Austria’s major cities, you just have to look for them. Many universities will help provide financial aid for eligible students to offset tuition costs, and there are a large amount of scholarships out there just waiting to be utilized!

Accommodations & Visas

Homestays and student dormitories are the most common housing options offered to international students who decide to study in Austria. Homestays can be a great way to immerse yourself more deeply in the Austrian culture, as you will form close bonds with your host family and become part of a local household. Dormitories are also a great option, giving you the opportunity to interact with peers from all over the world around the clock.

Your study abroad program provider or host university should help you organize a student visa that is valid for the duration of your stay in Austria. If your study abroad program in Austria is shorter than three months or you are a citizen of the European Union, then you may not need a visa at all. More details about the Austrian visa policy and how it applies to you can be found through GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

The Great Outdoors. From hiking to skiing and snowboarding, Austria has some of the best adventure travel opportunities in all of Europe. How many other places can you so easily escape to the Alps for a weekend getaway? 

History Speaks. Austria has found itself at the heart of many European struggles throughout history, most recently serving as a linchpin for both World War I and World War II. Studying abroad in Austria will allow you to learn all about the rich cultural tradition and political turmoil which have helped shape Austria into one of Europe’s most important countries.

Language Learning. German is an increasingly valuable language to know in the global market, and Austria is a thriving alternative destination (to Germany) where you can strengthen your language fluency. Most Austrians speak English well, so it will be up to you engage them in conversations in their native tongue.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Austria


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Study Abroad in Salzburg, Austria with AIFS!

Spend a semester, summer or academic year in the charming, peaceful city of Salzburg with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 17 credits through a variety of courses studying at the University of Salzburg. Immerse yourself in Austrian culture and German language with the homestay housing option, or live in one of several student residences throughout Salzburg.

Lake Hallstatt in Hallstatt, Austria

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Summer and Semester Study Programs in Austria

Enroll in one of the distinguished universities and institutions in Vienna through IES Abroad Austria. Through a comprehensive study abroad program, students from all over the world will be introduced to historical, cultural, and artistic aspects of the country. Courses are available in Political Science, Art History, Religious Studies, and many other subjects.

Students taking a picture in front of Belvedere in Vienna, Austria.

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Low Cost Academic Programs in Austria with CSA !

Since 1990, the Center for Study Abroad has been offering a wide range of affordable but high quality programs to prospective participants who want to learn about another world culture. Enroll in Vienna Language Institute and learn German for a small period of time with the Center for Study Abroad in Austria. The study abroad program is open throughout the year and offered to students worldwide.


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Salzburg College

Study at Salzburg College and live with an Austrian family while expanding German language abilities. Students can take courses in English in fields from Communications to Marketing to Music. A field trip to Vienna and Germany is included in the program.


BCA Study Abroad

Travel to Vienna and enroll at the Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien language school with the BCA Study Abroad Austria. The Cultural and Language Study provides students from all over the world a full immersion of the Austrian culture and dialect. This summer study abroad program includes German and Linguistics.


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Austria: Psychology and Culture- Summer

About the Austria: Psychology and Culture, the Light Side and the Dark Side- Summer Program As individual human beings, we each carry the possibility of both constructive and destructive behavior. The same is true of every human culture. Perhaps nowhere in the world is the contrast between the light side and the dark side of culture more salient than in Austria—birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeu...


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Study Abroad in Austria

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery. A Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, cultures, and communities of a real family in one of more than 40 countries around the globe. An adventure where you'll learn in a year, semester, or a summer, what life is like for teens in another part of the world. An experience that wil...


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4 month TEFL Experience in the Austrian Lake District

Based in the stunning Lake District of Austria, you'll study a 4-week full time TEFL course along with observed teaching practice. On completion you'll gain a Trinity CertTESOL teaching certificate. Putting everything you've learnt into action during your 4 month placement. On top of this you'll be prepared from departure day having taken our 30 hour Teaching Young Learners Course. You'll ge...


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EESA - Eastern European Study Abroad

Learn more about the culture of Austria by taking an Eastern European Study Abroad language study program. Students undergo a semester-long study in Vienna, as well as other cities such as Budapest, and Prague. Courses in Ethnic Studies, Humanities, and Economics are available under the program and are taught in English, Russian and Ukrainian.


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Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS)

Experience the student life in Austria through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). KIIS has study programs available for students who want to concentrate on the areas of Environmental Studies, Education, and Arts. The programs are based in the cities of Salzburg and Bregenz, and is open to worldwide participants during the summer term. Financial aid services are available f...