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IES Internships - Berlin Summer Internship

Welcome to Berlin — the economic and political center of Germany! Berlin boasts a thriving arts scene and some of the world’s most spectacular architecture. When you intern in Berlin, you’ll be able to walk, bike, or take a bus, tram, or train (U-Bahn) to work. Over lunch, enjoy a stroll through one of Berlin’s countless parks and gardens. And in the evening don't miss out on all the live musi...

Students striking a pose in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

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Research Study Abroad in Heidelberg, Germany

Spend a semester at University of Heidleberg participating in a professional academic research project and learning the language and culture of Germany. University of Heidleberg is one of 11 leading research institutions in Europe participating in the Research Study Abroad Program. Research opportunities exist in many fields including liberal arts/humanities, social sciences, biological scie...

Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany

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CIEE Global Architecture + Design in Berlin, Germany

Imagine working with leading experts and innovators to complete a cutting-edge research and design project. Study with Berlin’s thought-leaders and practitioners to gain an understanding of architecture and design within an emerging global context. Pursue hands-on design work in a modern studio using the latest technology to address an aspect of the current global environment. And observe centu...

CIEE students in Germany

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German Studies Research Grant

DAAD offers doctoral degree students the opportunity to compete for the prestigious DAAD fellowships for research or the pursuit of a doctoral degree in Germany. DAAD is a self-governing, public-funded, or private organisation of higher education institutions in Germany. They aim to promote international cooperation and academic relations by providing mobility programs for students, faculty, a...

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TU Berlin Summer and Winter University Courses 2018

Come and discover Berlin, the cultural capital of Europe! The TU Berlin Summer and Winter University offers a broad range of challenging and interesting courses from diverse disciplines. The program provides students with up to 13 ECTS credit points to take back to their home university and is offered in a flexible format of three study blocks. Upcoming courses commence on: SUMMER 201...


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Crypto & Blockchain or Visual Design + Intern In Berlin

Imagining learning how to build your own cryto currency, or mastering the design skills necessary to succeed in any tech career, while summering in the start-up capital of Europe! Founded by Yale graduates, iXperience is an innovative summer abroad program that combines the three most important aspects of learning in one incredible package designed to accelerate professional and personal gro...