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CIEE Global Architecture + Design in Berlin, Germany

Imagine working with leading experts and innovators to complete a cutting-edge research and design project. Study with Berlin’s thought-leaders and practitioners to gain an understanding of architecture and design within an emerging global context. Pursue hands-on design work in a modern studio using the latest technology to address an aspect of the current global environment. And observe centu...


TU Berlin Summer and Winter University

In this course, participants will learn the theory of mechanics and electromagnetism for computing engineering systems like MEMS (Micro/nano electro Mechanical Systems), which we use daily in several electronic devices. The course is appropriate for participants with backgrounds in: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, engineering and computer science, computation...


Applied Engineering in Germany

This program will introduce students to applications of engineering process in numerous German industries. They will explore famous auto factories, airliner assembly plants, major metropolitan cities, bridge designs, and meet the engineers who designed them. Participants will visit two well-known technology museums and learn to appreciate the rich history of German technology and manufacturing....


Duke Study Programs in Berlin

Join Duke in Berlin as we launch study programs in fall and spring, depending on your preference. Open to all students from around the globe, it offers academic opportunities and cultural immersion in one interesting program. If you sign up in fall, you will enroll in four Duke courses at Humboldt University - Berlin’s historic original university. The first two courses will focus on German ...


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UAS7 Study Program

Are you currently enrolled in a Canadian or U.S. college? UAS7 (Seven German Universities of Applied Sciences) invites you to apply for our Study Program (SP) in the fields of engineering, social work, science, journalism, life sciences, design, business, art, management, architecture, and economics. If you pass the application, you get the chance to study for one semester at a UAS7 member ...


Berlin International Summer School

Summer Programs at the Berlin School of Economics and Law: Berlin is a bustling European metropolis, known for its vibrant cultural scene that offers everything from world-renowned orchestras and UNESCO world heritage sites to lively galleries, clubs, and street cafés. And so that you can mix business with pleasure, the Berlin School of Economics and Law offers summer courses lasting three t...