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18 Teach Abroad Programs in India

ITTT: The World is Your Classroom

The International TEFL and TESOL Training offers this teaching program in the vibrant city of Calcutta, India to individuals from across the globe who are keen on getting a certification to teach English abroad. With courses available throughout the year, participants have the chance to teach in a foreign country and help locals improve and develop fluency in the language.

Teach English In India

Millions of tourists visit India every year for leisure, cultural experiences and for a number of other reasons. GeoVisions' Volunteer Teacher In India program allows you to volunteer locally and in community schools to make a contribution to the local student population in India. Most of your expenses are covered like airport transfers, orientation, accommodation and meals. Spending a few ...

Teaching Positions in India with Teach Away Inc.

Educate young minds in India through international programs created by Teach Away inc. Programs last for about two years and are offered in the city of Mumbai. Positions include Middle School Math and Middle School Biology course instruction in a private international school. Applicants must be dedicated to teaching and possess a Bachelor's Degree, as well as have completed at least two years o...

Teach with Projects Abroad

Teach English at an Indian public school with Projects Abroad in the city of Madurai. Teachers can make a positive contribution to the communities surrounding the school and have a long-lasting impact on the lives of their students. This program is open to individuals from all over the world and TEFL training is not required.

Volunteer with Children: Teaching in India

There are 320 million children in India and each of these lives have a potential to be someone. There are 4% of children who don’t even goto school in India, 58% don’t complete primary education, and 90% don’t complete school. Our education program exists as we believe every child has a right to education, needs an opportunity to reach their potential and help India to reach its potential. The ...

Teaching Programs All Over India

Teaching positions are an excellent way to become more engaged with the local culture while at the same time providing direct and personal opportunities to contribute constructively. It has never been so easy to make a useful contribution to our world and have the time of your life doing it! Whether it will be in India's megacities or in a village, in grassroots projects or global developme...

TEFL Certification and Teaching Programs in India

Participants can live in Calcutta or Cochin upon deciding to teach the English language in India with American TESOL Institute. After completing a TEFL Certificate course, teachers have the chance to delve into various teaching methods while mentoring different groups of individuals on how to effectively learn English as a Second Language. The length of duration varies depending on each placement.

EducatorsAbroad Teaching Practicum

The EducatorsAbroad Practicum program offers Education students an opportunity to broaden their teaching experience through the completion of two to four weeks of school placement requirements abroad. These placements are offered to individuals capable of providing professional services to the host school, and who can secure recommendations from their college advisor or any faculty member. ...

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Teaching Abroad in India

Life in India is like no other: a magnetic and magical place where rajahs once roamed in palaces made of marble and fine stone, where early philosophies and religions were born, and where impenetrable cultural deutero truths were developed over thousands of years. India is color, texture, fabrics, and distinct fragrances, ranging from delicious spices frying in ghee to trash burning on the side of a roadway. A place of intense dichotomy, where the richest of the rich live amongst the poorest of the poor and the culture dictates the place of people in a largely insurmountable socioeconomic ladder. But it is also a place of great unity, where millions of people live together in some of the largest megacities on earth -- the country has so many incredible and captivating facets.

Geography & Demographics

Situated in southwest Asia, the landmass properly known as the Republic of India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. To the north India is bordered by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. With a population of well over one billion, India is second to China as the most populated country in world. The majority of citizens are Hindu with other notable religions being Islam, Jainism, and Christianity.

With some teaching placements lasting up to two years, teachers will inevitably experience the changes in weather. Most regions experience small changes in weather patterns -- nothing drastic like the four-seasons many are accustomed to. Teachers should be informed of the climate where they will be prospectively placed to aid in packing the appropriate clothing (See Packing for Teachers for more Advice). The mountainous regions in the north experience a more temperate climate while the southern regions endure a tropical monsoon climate.

Food & Culture

Indian cuisine is known around the world for its diverse and exquisite taste. In fact, chicken tikka masala, a popular and commonly served dish, has been said to be the national dish of Great Britain. Though some food really packs the heat, the term spicy refers to the use of spices when referring to Indian cuisine. Nearly all Indian food is spicy, and only some of it is hot. Spicy and hot. Two different meanings.

The sheer size of the subcontinent fosters ethnically diverse food, cultures, and activities. From religion to weather there are numerous differences divided geographically. The majority of southern India practices Hinduism, where temples and ashrams are plentiful. A bus might stop unannounced for the driver to hop off to pay his respects and leave a small offering. Southern India is a vegetarian's dream world as devout Hindus consume only plant-based diets.

Contrary to the south, the north has a much larger Muslim community. There you can find oh-so-good shawarmas and kebabs. The sound of adhan can be heard echoing throughout most neighborhoods at scheduled times during any given day. At this time, many shops temporarily close so prayer can commence.

There are hundreds of mother tongues spoken across India. The official language spoken by the government is Hindi and can be understood nearly everywhere throughout the country. The second most common language is English. Educational instruction is taught through English and is widely understood. The local currency is the Indian rupee. Money orders and ATMs are widely available but generally incur a foreign transaction fee.

Teaching in India

India is becoming a popular teach abroad destination. With placements ranging from one month to over two years, the eager teacher can find programs tailored to their individual needs. Some placements are on a volunteer basis, while others offer exceptional benefits. Whether looking for rural or urban placements, India offers it all. Some paid placements offer airfare, accommodation, health insurance, and even free tuition for the children of foreign teachers. Most teaching placements require a TEFL certificate or minimally, a college degree. Select programs offer TEFL certification classes with program placement assistance. Teachers often work with young children or in subject-specific classrooms with teens. Children with disabilities or adults seeking to improve their conversational skills are also frequent students for international teachers will encounter in India. Teaching in India can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

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