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Sprachenatelier Berlin offers more than just German language courses. The school offers classes in more than 40 different languages in addition to its core German courses. The school also hosts a variety of art and cultural events that contribute to the overall student experience. The ideal person for this program is the student who wants to come to Berlin not only to improve his or her lang...


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Choose from more than 100 language courses at the Eton Institute in the United Arab Emirates. With the Eton Institute language learning method, all conversation while training takes place in the target language. Students find themselves taking on a new language the same way they did with their first  with natural ease. Eton Institute believes that 80 percent of any conversation is based on 20 ...


Cactus Language Training, a leading provider of language training, offers 10-week evening courses in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and other languages across the United Kingdom. The school also offers language immersion courses with various cultural activities, private one-on-one lessons face-to-face or via Skype, and TEFL certification courses. Each year, Cactus helps about 10,...