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Thailand - Seaside Marine and Environmental Conservation

Participate in marine and coastal conservation efforts in Thailand! This diverse project takes place in a secluded seaside village that embraces the relaxed beach feel. Volunteers on this project will be embarking on four different ventures, both on land and at sea. 1- Volunteers will be participating in the re-population of mangroves on land, along the coast. Volunteers will assist in the ...


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Language Camp Counselor In Thailand - 4 weeks Summer

The GeoVisions Summer Camp program will now be in it's 3rd year providing English language education to disadvantaged youth and gives them an opportunity to learn an important skill that they can use to better their lives. Counselors arrive in Bangkok and overnight there in a high quality accommodation before being picked up to travel to Hua Hin. There you live in modern apartments. After...


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Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

The Elephant Sanctuary gives a safe refuge to Thailand's domesticated elephants. These animals would otherwise be roaming the streets of big cities, be kept in bad conditions at working elephant camps or be otherwise exploited in the tourist industry. Volunteers provide hands on assistance the staff to ensure these beautiful animals live a life as close as possible to their wild relatives. ...


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Under 18 Elephant Care and Wildlife Rescue

By volunteering at the Elephant Care and Wildlife Rescue centre you will make a major contribution to the welfare of animals in Thailand. You will be part of a group of volunteers spending 2 weeks volunteering at the centre. There is no such thing as a 'typical' day but everyday jobs include: * Feeding and providing water for the animals * Assisting with cleaning the enclosures ...


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Volunteer with the Stray Dog Rescue Project in Thailand

Started in 2013, this animal shelter aims to stabilize the stray dog population by providing necessary healthcare and vaccinations, adoptions, and public education about animal care. As a volunteer in Hua Hin, Thailand, you will work directly with trained veterinarians and staff during your program. Volunteers with have the chance to: - Participate in daily feeding runs - Monitor the healt...


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Rescue Paws, a Dog Rescue Program in Hua Hin, Thailand

Rescue Paws is a non-profit organisation that started in 2013. Rescue Paws aims to first stabilize and then reduce the stray animal population in Thailand over time through vaccinations, sterilization, adoptions, and education to get it to a manageable level. Thailand faces a huge problems with the ever-growing number of stray animals living on the streets, in poor health, and reproducing at an...


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Community Development Volunteer Projects in Thailand!

Volunteers For Peace, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization, has organized volunteer opportunities around the world for over 30 years! VFP offers over 35 projects in communities throughout Thailand each year including 2 to 3 week short-term projects with a group of international volunteers from 4 or more countries, and long-term independent volunteer projects for 1 month up to 1 year! VF...


Volunteering with Rescue Paws in Hua Hin, Thailand

Whether you’re a practicing veterinarian or an animal rights activities looking for an enriching platform to air your advocacy, join our team in Thailand! At Rescue Paws, we welcome the assistance of volunteers from around the globe and from different backgrounds. On-site support is always needed as our project continues to grow and entails constant attention, especially in the treatment of res...


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Thailand: Healing with Music, Art and/or Dance

Help children h to build confidence and hope, and the courage to deal with their medical problems or disabilities. Use dance, music, and theater to help children come out of their shell and connect with one another. Volunteers do not need to be an expert or professional in the performing arts, but a passion for dancing, singing, and leading children in the performing arts is appreciated. This v...