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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Thailand

Thailand is much more than full moon parties and Buddhist monasteries. While the country is typically seen as a place for rowdy beach holidays or spiritual retreats, this kingdom (formerly called Siam) is one of the most culturally colorful locations in Southeast Asia. A comfortable mix of developed nation and unexplored environment, volunteering in Thailand mixes sightseeing at the famous ruins of Ayutthaya with educational work in a tribal village, snorkeling off Koh Pi Pi, or caring for native tiger cubs. From the islands down south to the mountains up north, and the chaotic capital of Bangkok in between, individuals who volunteer in Thailand will have a vast number of opportunities.

Best Places to Volunteer in Thailand

From gleaming temples and underground cave shrines to tropical forests and endless coastlines, the bounty of the geographical diversity will delight any volunteer in Thailand. Whether you’re relishing the plump seafood or marveling the elephants, you’ll find peace and beauty wherever you go in this monumental land. 

Chiang Mai. This northern city is a hub for tourists and expats, monks and musicians, refugees and aid workers. It offers urban scenery as well as a slew of proactive non-profit organizations. Due to the large populations of Burmese refugees and resettled tribal peoples, volunteering in Chiang Mai in organizations which focus on human rights advocacy, education, and women’s livelihood projects is common. Those who volunteer in Chiang Mai can also choose to step outside the old city’s stone walls to participate in forest conservation and animal welfare in the jungle hills beyond.

Phuket. One of the largest islands off Thailand’s southwest coast, Phuket is a hotspot for world-class diving sites, pure-white beaches and limestone cliffs, and a site of the 2004 tsunami. Volunteers play an important role in rebuilding infrastructure, assisting orphanages, and protecting the remaining marine wildlife. An increased interest in tourism also creates volunteer placements in Phuket that allow volunteers to fulfill positions with travel magazines, local tourism agencies, and grassroots activity organizations.

Bangkok. Like all capital cities, this one has its seedy, dark side. However, if you look beyond preconceived stereotypes to Bangkok’s infamous gems – from the boisterous floating markets to kind locals and cheap street food surprises – you’ll realize it’s an engaging place to volunteer in Thailand. Fields such as youth development, education, healthcare, and human rights advocacy and awareness are all very highly needed volunteer placements in Bangkok, which address the city’s over six million inhabitants’ needs.

Costs of Volunteering in Thailand

Thailand is repeatedly voted as one of the top volunteer abroad destinations in the world, and the affordable cost of volunteer work in Thailand is one of the reasons it rates so highly. 

Typically, program costs cover accommodation and any needed training/orientation. Covering flights and insurance are usually the responsibility of volunteers, however. Many international airlines fly directly to Bangkok, and regional public transportation systems are cheap and dependable. To cover the bulk of some of the costs, reach out to your friends and family for your good cause with FundMyTravel

Food may be provided by a host family or organization, but if not, street eats are delicious and only a few dollars a plate. Clothing and toiletries are equally inexpensive. Also, markets occur everywhere and are a perfect place to negotiate your way to bargains on anything from shirts to shampoo to souvenirs.

Volunteer Housing in Thailand

Accommodation is another component typically arranged by volunteer organizations in Thailand. In big cities, accommodation may be in a house or hostel-type environment with multiple volunteers sharing sleeping and dining quarters. In rural volunteer settings, accommodation is often provided by local host families. Both types of housing costs are typically incorporated into the placement fees; but if you’re living with a host family, double check that this money is being returned directly to the family for food and shelter.

Visas to Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteers must enter Thailand on a volunteer visa, and placement organizers should help individuals apply for this — GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory can help as well. If your international volunteer program in Thailand does not endorse a volunteer visa, citizens of most countries can apply for a three-month visa. Thailand has a reputation for loose visa laws, so it can be a simple procedure legally entering the country. However, visa laws have been tightening in the recent years, so laws are not near as relaxed as they used to be. Visas may also be extended, which gives volunteers the freedom to renew their visa if they choose to participate in volunteer work in Thailand for longer than expected. 

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Adventure & Immersion. Understanding that Thailand is a travel hub for outdoor adventures, underwater sports, food trails, and cheap shopping, most international volunteer programs in Thailand combine volunteering with local activities and day trips. Wherever you end up, you can look forward to deep cultural immersion, alongside an altruistic experience. 

Buddhism & Conservative Culture. As you jump into Thai customs, be aware that much of the country practices the Buddhist religion and follows a conservative way of life. Be respectful of religious and spiritual beliefs, whether you’re touring a temple or walking through a busy city. Don’t dress for the weather, but follow the unspoken rule and keep your shoulders and knees covered whenever possible. 

Look for Transparency. Though every volunteer program in Thailand appears to have good intentions online, there are unfortunate stories of volunteers who have reached their placement only to find the organization doesn’t actually exist. Contact the program manager or director if you have questions or concerns, and look for other volunteer peer reviews.

From scaling the cliffs of Krabi to meeting locals at curried noodle shacks, come discover the country that radiates golden hues and sparkles azure waters. Volunteer in Thailand and it’s spirit will dig deep into your soul as you immerse yourself in its culture. 

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Thailand


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Discover the wonders in the heart of Thailand while volunteering in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. There are eight volunteer projects offered through Volunteering Solutions. Participants will have the chance to partake in a medical project in hospitals and health centers, be part of the daily lives of children in an orphanage, and share their knowledge of the English language with Thai monks.

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ELI Abroad – Volunteer at an Elephant Camp, and More!

Our extensive connections in Thailand mean you can do everything from shadowing in a hospital, teaching English to young monks-in-training, working in women’s empowerment to, yes, taking care of elephants! ELI Abroad has placements in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, with access to many cultural and beach attractions. Housing and in-country support included.

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The Bamboo Project powered by GVN

Volunteer in the forests of Thailand and spend time with rescued elephants through the Elephant Rehabilitation Program by Global Volunteer Network. Participants of this program, located in the Chiang Mai province, learn about elephant behavior and ways to help elephants relearn their natural instincts. This project starts every second Saturday of the month and volunteers can participate for a w...

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Volunteer as an English Teacher in Thailand with TravelBud

Our volunteer teach program is an excellent opportunity to travel throughout Thailand while giving back to kids in need by teaching the valuable skills of speaking and writing English. Here's how it works: You arrive in Thailand and get collected at the airport in Bangkok before heading to the coastal resort town of Hua Hin for your orientation. You'll get a week of cultural activities, f...

Teach in Thailand

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Elephant Conservation Volunteering in Thailand

Elephants in Thailand have historically been treated as beasts of burden to help families earn a living. Until 1989, when the practice was banned, elephants were used in the logging industry. Suddenly hundreds of families had large hungry elephants to feed, but with no income. In desperation, these families started renting out their elephants to the tourist industry, where they were used for tr...


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Teach or Tutor English in Thailand with GeoVisions

Experience living in Bangkok or Chiang Mai for a few weeks while teaching English to a local family with GeoVisions. The cultural exchange program places participants in the care of the family, whose members benefit from informal conversational English tutorials. The program, which is available throughout the year, includes a clean place to live in Thailand, three healthy meals per day, and med...


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Volunteer and Travel in Thailand with Kaya

Learn more about Thailand and the Thai way of life through volunteer placement with Kaya Responsible Travel. Placements are available in locations such as Chiang Mai, Koh Tao, and Chiang Rai. Volunteers may work with victims of human trafficking who are living in shelters, animal specialists in marine and wildlife sanctuaries, or grassroots leaders in building projects catering to local communi...


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Elephant and Wildlife Rescue Volunteering in Thailand

Thailand has sadly gained a reputation for the illegal exportation of exotic and endangered wildlife and for the exploitation of its magnificent elephants. Volunteer with Globalteer and you could help Thailand’s wonderful animals by working at a wildlife rescue centre, an elephant sanctuary, or both! Placements are available year-round.

Volunteer with elephants in Thailand with Globalteer.