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A Guide to Study Abroad in Brecon Beacons, Wales

When you think about Wales, things like welsh cakes, male voice choirs, rugby, and Prince Charles and Lady Di might come to mind. But what makes Wales unique? Pretty much everything! The Brecon Beacons area, located in the south, is especially sweet. A three hour drive from London takes you to a mystical land containing many small villages and quaint towns nestled amongst the mountains of the majestic Brecon Beacons National Park. Looking for a really cool place to study abroad? Everybody wants to go to London. Be unusual and check out Wales! Here is everything you need to know to study abroad in Brecon Beacons.

What You Need to Know to Study in Brecon Beacons

Studying in Brecon Beacons is the perfect combination of chill and adventure.

Popular subjects to study in Brecon Beacons are Conservation and Preservation , Science, and Environmental Studies mainly because you will be studying in the lush, mountainous part of the country known as the “green lung.”  Sustainable Development programs are also popular because of the country’s conscious effort to be a prosperous, resilient, and globally responsible nation. Check out Religious Studies if your interests lie in the spiritual realm. 

Or if you’re a deep thinker or a writer, consider studying Creative Writing and kickstart your writing career like the famous Welsh Dylan Thomas. And of course, you should consider Language Studies. Learning Welsh while living in Wales just makes sense! It is the country’s most distinguishing feature so who wouldn’t be intrigued to learn the oldest living language in Europe and the official language of Wales? As you can see, your study abroad options are as wide and as tall as the mountains in this glorious place. 

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. These are are all study abroad duration options in Brecon Beacons. If this is your first study abroad stint, you might want to test the waters by committing to a short term or summer program. Going for a shorter term program will be easier on the bank account and give you enough time to decide if you are cut out for living and studying abroad for a longer term which you might decide to do later on. Think grad school or internship! 

But, if you are brave enough to go for it, long term programs such as fall and spring semesters will allow you really dig your heals in without committing to a lengthy extended stay. And if you are really up for a challenge, consider trimester or even a year-long program. After completing a long term program you will most likely return home with a Welsh accent, a wealth of knowledge, and ready to conquer your next big adventure with complete confidence and a broader outlook on the world.

Attending universities vs. other program types. Your program type ultimately depends on what type of experience you are hoping to achieve. If you are looking to gain college credit, plan to attend a university in the Brecon Beacons region. If you are looking to pump up your resume or college applications, consider an alternative program for undergrad or graduate students specific to your interests.

Life in Brecon Beacons for International Students

Wales is one of four countries making up Great Britain, including England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland—travel is relatively easy from one to another. Wales itself is a compact country, but has plenty of sightseeing opportunities to keep you busy (and the Brecon Beacons region is no exception!). Life there is slow paced, and you will not only feel transported back in time, you will become mesmerized by the local tongue and never forget the people you meet (they’re a truly hospitable bunch!).

With plenty of beaches to bask on, castles to explore, and wilderness to trek, your adventurous needs will be met and then some. When you aren’t exploring unspoilt nature, you can relax at a cafe, enjoy a cold one at a pub, or scream with the locals at a rugby match.

Need a break from all that fresh air and wilderness? Other popular cities in Wales, like Cardiff, Swansea, and Llandovery, are all closeby. There you can visit castles, museums, and old markets to occupy your free time. Rest assured, life in Brecon Beacons is never boring.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Study Abroad Students in Brecon Beacons

Grab your pen and take note of these tips to remember whilst studying abroad in Brecon Beacons:

  • Never refer to the locals in Wales as British, unless you want to receive some serious stink eye! The Welsh people are über proud of their heritage.
  • Only 20% of natives actually speak the native Welsh tongue. Don’t call them English, but you may speak to them in English! Why not give Welsh a shot though???
  • Warm up your singing voice! International sensation Tom Jones and Welsh male voice choirs are still popular in Welsh culture, but don’t worry, not everyone living there can carry a tune. You probably won’t be forced to sing unless you have a few too many pints with the locals at your new corner pub!

As Tom sang it best, “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone,” it’s also not unusual to fall in love here. Study abroad in Brecon Beacons, you’ll have a Wale of a time.

If your interest is piqued, be sure and read our comprehensive guide on studying in Wales to gain more in depth info.

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