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Athena Study Abroad in Koh Samui, Thailand

This program in Thailand allows students to experience many hidden pockets of an ancient society. Students will get to experience Thailand's world-famous city of Bangkok, as well as the smaller island feel of Koh Samui. CLASSES Classes are held on-site, or in a classroom setting at the accommodation, and expose students to both the traditional and contemporary spirit of this vibrant nation ...


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All Asia Abroad Winter Adventure in Thailand

Enjoy your winter break in tropical Thailand brushing up on your Digital Photography and Creative Writing skills while exploring brilliant and multifaceted Thai culture! Your semester begins with student beachfront housing and open-air classrooms where we will guide you towards mastering a new level of photography and writing skills that you'll be able to carry with you through future academ...


Veterinary Semester Abroad: 14 weeks throughout Thailand

The Veterinary Semester Abroad is a 14-week semester abroad in Thailand designed for pre-veterinary students and others would want to study wildlife or zoology or go to vet school. The tuition is all-inclusive including your coursework, activities, meals, housing, transportation to class and within country. College credit is available. Financial aid is available. You will travel through Thai...