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Eko Tracks

Earn 6 credits on this incredible veterinary study abroad program in South Africa. Spend 3 weeks learning about wildlife veterinary science, wildlife diseases and medicine, participate in game capture, and experience hands-on breeding of rare species, wildlife rehabilitation, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. Interact with veterinarians and field biologists. This program is open to all ...


Primate Rehabilitating Volunteer Project in South Africa

The organisation you will be working with on this project was initially set up to care for captured and/or orphaned marmosets with behavioural problems. Today, the rescue centre is home to and cares for over 120 primates of various species, including squirrel monkeys, tamarins, capuchins, macaques, lemurs, pata and mona monkeys. Additionally, the centre also cares for a handful of non-primates ...


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Ecolife Expeditions

Take part in a field study program offered by Ecolife Expeditions in South Africa. The program is ideal for students from the fields of Veterinary and Wildlife Conservation. The expeditions are provided in the form of a camping safari that runs for three weeks. Students get the chance to interact with researchers, veterinarians, and rangers working in the field. Students will gain valuable insi...