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Kaylee Morrison

Kaylee Morrison

Kaylee Morrison is an International Affairs major at Northeastern University currently doing an internship abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Previously only interested in East Asia, working with refugees here has opened her eyes to Africa as an amazing and diverse continent which she will absolutely spend more time in. Most of her time in Cape Town is spent eating the city’s cheap and delicious food.

Articles By Kaylee Morrison

Top Five Reasons to Spend Next Semester in Africa Published 03 Mar 2014

If you’re in college right now, or even just have friends in college, your Facebook Newsfeed is probably overloaded with gorgeous photos from your friends’ somewhat cliché semesters abroad in Europe. It’s easy to be jealous of anyone hopping across the...

Top Five Places to Celebrate Responsible Tourism in Cape Town Published 09 Feb 2014

Responsible tourism is a relatively new concept, clamoring to gain footing in an industry dedicated, coincidentally, to forgetting all responsibilities. Because of the very nature of the tourism industry, finding destinations that are socially consciou...