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Nation Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind

Namibia and South Africa provide a rich context in which to explore the them of nation-building. as these two countries demonstrate that the transition to independence is both a beautiful and painful process. Students learn about historical and present-day challenges in creating national identity, an inclusive multi-party democracy, and a model for development. Studying Namibia and South Afri...


CCIS: Windhoek--Polytechnic of Namibia

Enroll in a unique study program that combines academic courses with service learning opportunities. This is offered by CCIS at Polytechnic of Namibia in Windhoek. Course offerings, which are all taught in English, are available in numerous disciplines: Office Management and Technology; Journalism and Media Technology; Land Management; and more. You will take part in a service learning opportun...


VAEA-Summer University Namibia

Make the most of your summer immersed in our study abroad program in Namibia. Running for four weeks, it focuses mainly on increasing your knowledge of European-American business relations in Africa. You will learn to establish a successful business in Africa through three courses: Doing Business in Africa, Economics, and Politics. An academic week is from Monday to Thursday, and includes b...


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Earth Expeditions in Namibia

Travel to Namibia, Africa, with Cincinnati Zoo and Miami University instructors to join the Zoo's long-term partnership with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)--the global center of cheetah conservation worldwide. Ongoing research projects at CCF include radio tracking, cheetah physiology, ecosystem management, and the design of school and community programs in Namibia. Discover the power of i...