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Semester in Ghana (Cape Coast)

Semester in Ghana is based in Cape Coast, Ghana, a beautiful city on the beach. The city is well known for elaborate festivals, bustling markets, and historic castles. Home to over 100 ethnic groups and nearly 50 ethnic languages, modern Ghana is a tapestry of cultures. You’ll take classes at the respected University of Cape Coast, choosing from courses in music, chemistry, history, languages, ...


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Child Health & Social Determinants

Join this program and get the chance to witness firsthand how medical professionals in the historic Children's Hospital in Accra provide care in a resource-poor environment. Be able to observe how they overcome various challenges, including social determinants that lead to illness in children and the structural and financial constraints of the healthcare system itself. Based in the capital c...


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Ghana: An Exploration of Public Health

Study Public Health in Ghana. The course aims to expose participants to the differences in healthcare environments and the cultural implications for healthcare. It provides a comprehensive introduction to community healthcare in Ghana. Students will also learn about African culture, society, and civilization. Students will learn to appreciate the impact of politics in health care provision...


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Reach For Gold Project

The Reach For Gold Project is a unique volunteering project that provides a one-of-a-kind experience of vacation, adventure, and community impact. While traveling on a bus, volunteers will get to interact, research, travel, and offer medical support, as well as provide teaching support for marginalised tourist communities. The programme seeks to offer an end-to-end benefit for tourist and host ...