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Summer Dance and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Travel around Ghana in this three-week all inclusive trip with a group of Africa enthusiasts and performing artists and receive state of the art dance training from some of Ghana’s most accomplished dancers and musicians. Guest artists will also visit the center to offer courses in batik, tye-dying, kente weaving, drum making, blacksmithing, and other cultural arts of Ghana. The program is led ...


Ghana: Social Transformation and Cultural Expression

Explore social change in Ghana through an exploration of its dynamic cultural heritage and contemporary society. In this program, students explore Ghana’s rich artistic heritage through deep and meaningful engagement with Ghanaian scholars, artists, dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors, weavers, writers, and other in-country experts. Students learn about the historical and contemporary ci...


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Combined Community Building Project and Ecotourism in Ghana.

If you’re on a gap year, summer placement, or career break and want to get your hands dirty, our Community Building Project in Ghana may be right for you to join a team of international volunteers and local people constructing simple buildings in the local communities. In many areas of Ghana, thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation and children attend school in crumbling build...


UA in Ghana: Service Learning

This offers you a lifetime opportunity to become involved with local communities, producing tangible results through the combination of classroom learning and service projects. Designed for all majors at the University of Alabama, UA in Ghana: Service Learning includes participation in relevant projects in Ghana. This program is applicable to all majors and subjects. It helps you build charac...


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Ghana: An Exploration of Public Health

Study Public Health in Ghana. The course aims to expose participants to the differences in healthcare environments and the cultural implications for healthcare. It provides a comprehensive introduction to community healthcare in Ghana. Students will also learn about African culture, society, and civilization. Students will learn to appreciate the impact of politics in health care provision...


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Reach For Gold Project

The Reach For Gold Project is a unique volunteering project that provides a one-of-a-kind experience of vacation, adventure, and community impact. While traveling on a bus, volunteers will get to interact, research, travel, and offer medical support, as well as provide teaching support for marginalised tourist communities. The programme seeks to offer an end-to-end benefit for tourist and host ...