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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Nottingham

Take on the Sherwood Forest, become a live music aficionado, get acquainted with 16th century architecture, and sample every British delicacy under the sun (we promise, there are some). Be it ritzy cocktail bar hopping or a day in the life of Robin Hood, study abroad in Nottingham will be the perfect blend of urban concrete and countryside loveliness. Identify with the British way of life by catapulting yourself into a region obsessed with sarcastic humor (Inbetweeners, anyone?), bacon butties, copious amounts of tea, and merry men in tights. If you’re looking for the bright lights of a city with plenty of green space thrown in, Nottingham should become your new home.

Study Abroad Programs in Nottingham

You’ll have a lot of bang for your buck (er, pizzazz for your pound!) thanks to Nottingham’s many study abroad program opportunities. The city has three universities, including the University of Nottingham (one of the first UK universities to open campuses in China and Malaysia), Nottingham Trent University, and the New College Nottingham, which specializes in English language support. Popular areas of study in Nottingham include agriculture, medicine, and veterinary studies.

Instead of spending your days watching Inbetweeners-reruns or pigging out on Jaffa cakes, read ahead in your veterinary courses or visit a nearby clinic to get hands-on experience with the animals. Learning a foreign country’s approach to animal care and sciences will not only offer new perspectives, but will also strengthen your understanding of your own country’s methodologies.

For students drawn to agriculture, you’re in luck; there’s a reason that visions of the UK are often paired with rolling, sheep-laden hills (or umbrella-toting folks walking along cobblestone streets). The farmland in England is plentiful, and Nottingham’s location is ideal for adding real-world agricultural experience to your academic accomplishments. If you decide to explore agriculture while studying in Nottingham, just be aware that “pudding” isn’t what you think it is.

Even if the most famous local practitioner is Dr. Who, you won’t have to master time travel to succeed in your pre-med courses. Medical students can crank out elective courses or be exposed to a new version of a healthcare system. If you aim to work in  medicine in England specifically someday, this is a great chance to get your toes wet.

Culturally, college classes in England are split into lectures, practical classes, and tutorials. Want to put your English skills to the test? An IELTS course can determine whether you meet the minimum language requirements to enroll in a university directly. The university year runs from September to June, with a four week Christmas and Easter break respectively. Many courses also offer reading weeks in-between terms, which give students a chance to hit the books, explore more of the city, or venture home for some of mum’s cooking.

Life in Nottingham

Dunkirk is the most popular student area to live in, as it is situated a stone’s throw away from Nottingham Trent campus. Being able to roll out of bed and into lectures is definitely tempting, although you might want to squeeze in time to grab a fry-up!

Student digs aside, the list of things to fill your time with while studying in Nottingham is exhaustive: treat your ears to some talent at a nearby gig. As well as drawing national and international artists to its city, Nottingham is a hotbed for talent; Jake Bugg and London Grammar hail from the East Midland capital. 

History-wise, you’ll find the largest concentration of man-made caves in Britain; exploring them is a chance to go back in time and experience life in the medieval 17th century. Fashionistas will adore the vintage shops, as there are dozens of independent boutiques and emporiums selling everything from afternoon tea to antiques. Student budget friendly? Absolutely.

Though the mother tongue of England is English, international students who study abroad in Nottingham may be thwarted by the local dialect, which includes off-the-wall words and phrases including Fossneck (know-it-all), Snap (lunch), nebbeh (nosy), and sweatin’ cobs (it’s really warm!). Although it may take some getting used to, don’t worry. Even those who hail from the UK, but aren't Nottingham natives, will struggle to understand the local tongue.

We couldn’t talk about study abroad in Nottingham without mentioning the grub. A nation of borrowers, you’ll find everything from Indian to Italian food on any given street, all sprinkled with a distinctly British twist. If you want something proper authentic, a portion of battered fish, minty mushy peas, and chunky chips will do the trick. Come the weekend, a spot of afternoon tea (make ours an Earl Grey) goes down a treat.

Accommodation & Visa

There’s no shortage of student accommodation for those who decide to study abroad in Nottingham, but if you’re after a dormitory, these tend to be snapped up super-fast. It’s worth booking well in advance with a reputable provider of student accommodation. You can either choose from the universities’ own halls or from a handful of independent ones located near campus. If you’re traveling independently, it’s wise to stay in private student halls, where everyone will be in the same boat and more likely to socialize. Private student accommodation in Nottingham typically costs around the £400 per month mark.

European students won’t need a visa to study abroad in Nottingham, but those coming from outside of the EU will need to obtain a Tier 4 visa or a student visa from their country of origin six months ahead of time. Most study abroad programs in Nottingham will provide students with detailed information about how to apply for visas. Check out GoAbroad’s British Embassy Directory for the latest updates and visa requirements and information.

Benefits & Challenges

With a population of 729,000 including the city’s suburbs, Nottingham is fairly large in size. Those coming from a rural background may find it tricky to adjust to urban life, but it won’t be as intense as moving to London, which (at last count) boasts a population of 8 million.

Should you want to hop home for a long weekend or travel during the various holidays, Nottingham Airport has great links to major European countries, as well as Mexico and the U.S. The airport also comes in useful if you fancy exploring more of the UK. There are daily flights to Dublin and British channel island, Guernsey, enabling you to soak up as much culture as possible.

Gain experience at the “University of Life”, widen your career prospects, nail the English mother tongue, and immerse yourself in a culture built of cultures by choosing to study abroad in Nottingham. See you in NG!

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