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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Brighton

Looking to study in the real England, outside the glitz and glamour of London? Redirect your eyes about 45 miles south to the eclectic and artsy seaside city of Brighton that boasts a cosmopolitan culture. From its burlesque designs to its bohemian vibes, Brighton evokes the epitome of colorful and outlandish. Study abroad in Brighton to discover a unique blend of outrageous architecture, coastal scenery, 24/7 entertainment, and the opportunity to take courses in a world-class university.

How to Study Abroad in Brighton

International students from more than 120 countries come to live and study in Brighton. The University of Sussex, just outside the city, is rated one of the most gorgeous campuses in the U.K. It’s located on the outskirts of Brighton in a village called Falmer, nestled in the rolling green hills of the South Downs. 

Popular Subjects to Study. Because the landscape varies dramatically in just few miles, many geography majors find the location ideal. History and art history are two strong fields here, and they are enhanced by Brighton’s close proximity to London. Universities here also encourage students to take elective classes outside of one’s intended course of study in order to gain a more well-rounded education. 

Short Term vs. Summer vs. Long-Term Programs. Not only do the universities in Brighton offer courses ranging from archaeology to optometry, they also offer programs that vary in length. You could choose to take classes during the May term (working, volunteering, interning), during fall, spring, winter, or for a trimester. Summer classes are also a top pick to earn extra credits outside of your regular school year back home. 

Attending Universities vs. Other Program Types. You could choose to directly enroll at universities in Brighton, such as the University of Sussex or the University of Brighton. You also have the option to study abroad through your own university or through a program provider. Study abroad advisors can help you decide on which Brighton study abroad program, or which universities in Brighton, will be the right fit for your credit needs.

Student Life in Brighton

Located on England’s southern coast, Brighton boasts one of the highest numbers of sunny days in the U.K. each year. With all these sunny days, you’ll have no excuse not to go to one of its many foodie festivals, carnivals and fairs, and pride events. If you’re here in May, you’ll definitely want to attend the Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe (the second largest arts festival in the UK), with their street performers and art shows.  

The landmarks you’ll want to explore here include the Royal Pavilion (a royal palace with Indo-Saracenic architecture), Brighton i360 observation tower (higher than the London Eye), the Brighton clock tower, the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, and the West Pier. 

London is an hour away by train, a convenient weekend getaway for students. But most of the time, it’s folks from London who are coming to Brighton for a weekend holiday in this laid-back seaside city. Most of Brighton’s attractions are located along the seafront: a pier, several nightclubs, a shopping center, a cinema, music venues, many eateries, a health walk for the exercise-minded, and of course, the beach itself.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Brighton may not be as large as London, but it’s still a major U.K. city, so it’s not easy on the wallet. While studying abroad in Brighton is cheaper than in London, Brighton is not a cheap place. But there are ways to help reduce the costs. Several public events happening in Brighton throughout the year are cheap from parades to shows to rallies and more. 

Luckily, deals abound for those studying in Brighton, as university students make up a large portion of the population during the school year. Nightclubs, bars, and music venues have reduced rates during the week for students. Many shops in Brighton offer a discount to those with a valid student ID. Additionally, rail travel is significantly reduced for youth travelers (under 26 years old), but you could also save a few pounds on cab fares by walking or cycling; bus passes are relatively affordable as well. 

Overall, this is a very diverse seaside city in terms of scenery, entertainment options, courses of study, and types of students coming to study in Brighton. Whether you’re voyaging in boats along the Sussex coast, strolling down the piers, or crawling the bar scene, you’ll soon feel at home away from home. From the city’s buzzing energy to the more tranquil countryside, Brighton strikes a balance that students from all over the world grow to adore. 

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A Guide To
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