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Study abroad in Brighton, England with USAC. Students attend the University of Brighton and study a wide range of subjects such as Nutrition, Political Science/Politics, and Media and Cultural Studies. Participants are required to take part in a British Culture course to learn about and experience the local way of life.


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Enjoy a study abroad experience in Brighton with Eurocentres. Students will experience living by the coast and studying a selection of courses, including Business Courses and IELTS lessons. Eurocentres encourages students to visit sights, and attend events and activities around Brighton.


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Whether you want to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs or shorter-term semester and year-long programs, Across The Pond can help. For over 10 years we have been helping students from the USA, Canada, Latin America and Norway to find and apply to over 40 of the top colleges and graduate schools in England and the rest of the UK. Our team of UK Study Experts, who have had first-h...


Travel to the United Kingdom on a summer study program hosted by the Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University at the University of Sussex. Participants will be based in a campus situated in Brighton, an exciting and vibrant city that boasts a youthful population. The summer program provides innovative teaching methods in an arts-rich, active campus with an excellent range of academic an...


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Student Works coordinates with many schools across the UK, offering 10% discount off school prices. This discount is offered on top of additional discounts that the school provides. Students will be provided with assistance, whether they wish to study English, find work, volunteer, or intern while in the UK.


Find the best Business programs in the UK using the QS Course Finder. Get updated through the comprehensive course directory that connects prospective students across the world with UK universities and business schools. The site provides detailed information on over 6,700 business and management related courses. You can find courses in computing and business, entrepreneurship, digital in...


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Improve your English skills whilst gaining valuable work experience with a UK business for up to a year. This programme is perfect for those wanting to travel to a beautiful location in the UK to study English, and increase their career prospects, with optional paid work experience within the hospitality sector. Give your English language skills the boost they need with our British Council ...

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Studying Abroad in Brighton

Looking to study in the real England, outside the glitz and glamour of London? Redirect your eyes about 45 miles south to the eclectic and artsy seaside city of Brighton. A lesser-known city to study abroad in England, Brighton is great for those who would appreciate its unique blend of outrageous architecture, coastal scenery, 24/7 entertainment, and the opportunity to study at a world-class university. 

Geography & Demographics

Located on England’s southern coast, Brighton boasts one of the highest numbers of sunny days in the U.K. each year.

Things to Do

London is an hour away by train, a convenient weekend getaway for students. But most of the time, it’s folks from London who are coming to Brighton for a weekend holiday in this laid-back seaside city. Most of Brighton’s attractions are located along the seafront: a pier, several nightclubs, a shopping center, a cinema, music venues, many eateries, a health walk for the exercise-minded, and of course, the beach itself. 

Studying in Brighton

International students from more than 120 countries come to live and study in Brighton. The University of Sussex, just outside the city, is rated one of the most gorgeous campuses in the U.K. It’s located on the outskirts of Brighton in a village called Falmer, nestled in the rolling green hills of the South Downs. It is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Because the landscape varies dramatically in just few miles, many geography majors find the location ideal. History and art history are two strong fields here, and are enhanced by Brighton’s close proximity to London. The University of Sussex appeals to a wide variety of academic majors. It also encourages taking elective classes outside of one’s intended course of study in order to gain a more well-rounded education.

The University of Brighton is highly focused on putting students on the right career path, which is why 94 percent of the courses there include practical work experience, and students start meeting with a career counselor to plan professional goals from the first year of study. They will also work with your home university to get your credits transferred.

Though each course is different, most international students will find themselves taking a mix of lectures and seminars. The seminars help to build close relationships with tutors, which is important since education in the U.K. is certainly more focused and research-oriented than what Americans are used to. Lectures allow for a wide breadth of information to be introduced, which can then be discussed in greater depth during breakout seminar sessions.

Most international students live in student housing on campus. Options vary greatly by institution. Student housing offices provide good resources to any students choosing to live off campus.

Brighton may not be as large as London, but it’s still a major U.K. city, so it’s not easy on the wallet. While studying abroad in Brighton is cheaper than in London, Brighton is not a cheap place. But there are ways to help reduce the costs. Luckily, student deals abound there. Nightclubs, bars, and music venues have reduced rates during the week for students. Many shops in Brighton offer a discount to those with a valid student ID. Additionally, rail travel is significantly reduced for youth travelers (under 26 years old). 

Overall, this is a very diverse seaside city in terms of scenery, entertainment options, courses of study, and types of students coming to study abroad in Brighton. From the city’s buzzing energy to the more tranquil countryside, Brighton strikes a balance that students from all over the world grow to adore.

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