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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Newcastle

Home to the Angel of the North, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, Alnwick Castle, and voted a Top Three UK university city for nightlife, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a natural draw for international students. Despite being an ancient city with an electric, modern culture, Newcastle is much more than just a pretty face; it’s steeped (properly, like a good English tea!) with history and awe-inspiring architecture, and boasts a vibrant Quayside with plenty of art galleries. So, whether studying in Newcastle or socializing, you’re sure to have a belta of a time in the “Geordie city”; no doubt with the help of its unique local slang, wey aye, man!

Study Abroad Programs in Newcastle

Since 1848, Newcastle has been leading the world in getting people from one side of the river to the other. By studying abroad in Newcastle, you too can cross bridges in your academic career, and impress future resume-readers with new-gained English wisdom.

Newcastle upon Tyne is an award-winning university city, home to universities that specifically excel in dental and oral sciences and several other medical fields. Whether it’s nursing or biochemistry that interests you, research-based curriculums and laboratory work guarantee hands-on experiences, and an active interaction with the current topics and trends in the health field is the norm in Newcastle.

Especially useful with such an international population, Newcastle offers many language classes too. Whether you want to expand your usage of English grammar, pick up the linguistic quirks of German, or dive into an Iberian phonetics class, studying in Newcastle will get you from zero to diez in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of the diverse student body to practice new language skills and make a new amigo in the process!

With the opening of the Lit and Phil “conversation club” in 1793, Newcastle successfully deemed itself as a hoppin’ place for research and communication studies. Linked with a dedication to media sciences (particularly the film industry and television field), students can expect their public speaking, media marketing, and language skills to soar after a few weeks or months of courses in Newcastle.

Newcastle has a universal reputation for research excellence on global society and its universities encourage both personal and professional development. With an academic year that runs from the end of September until June each year, classes are taught through a variety of methods, depending on the subject of study. From lectures and smaller seminar classes to hands-on experiences and observations, there is a flexibility in courses to meet students’ needs.

Life in Newcastle

Small yet perfectly formed, Newcastle is a little city with a big personality. It’s so much more than the tea-drinking, fish-and-chip-eating stereotype that fits most English towns; it has enough culture, shopping, eating, and history to fill every minute not spent in class.

Students can walk across the city center in a mere 15 minutes while taking in bustling nightlife, great shopping, or admiring Town Moor Park, a large green space in the middle of the city that puts NYC’s Central Park to shame and is ideal for summer picnics or a game of rugby. On rainy days, check out the many museums and theatres, and catch an underground show that might just offer the world’s next Hendrix.

If you’re a science nerd, get interactive at the innovative Centre for Life or Discovery Museum. For history buffs, take a walking tour around the iconic castle built during the 11th century or delve into its industrial port and shipbuilding displays. It wasn’t just ships that were built in Newcastle though; the electric light bulb, car windscreen wiper, Greg’s, and Lucozade were all created in Newcastle. With such a rich history of innovation, there’s guaranteed inspiration for all types of science projects.

Finally, no English city exists without a futbol (soccer) team, and Newcastle is no exception. Its most common footy is known for its black-and-white striped Newcastle United FC. Sports fans studying abroad in Newcastle can attend a match during the weekend and soak up the electric atmosphere and sheer pride that the supporters have for their team.

Accommodation & Visas

Great education comes with a fair share of paperwork, both for housing and visa applications. Be sure to start all forms in advance, as competition and demand are high! Everyone wants to study abroad in Newcastle.

Although homestays are available, the majority of students rent their own accommodation while studying in Newcastle. Whether you opt for university-provided student halls or a privately rented accommodation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many value-for-money options available to young people throughout the city. However, rent prices vary depending on where you choose to live. Expect to pay anything from $250 a month for a room in the quaint, student-populated, terraced homes of Fenham and Heaton, and up to $450 a month for modern and spacious student accommodation in close proximity to both of the city’s main universities.

Wherever you choose to live while studying abroad in Newcastle, make sure to book it well in advance as students tend to sign their contracts as early as six or seven months prior to moving in. This may seem daunting if you are planning on moving to Newcastle from outside of the UK, however, with great online communication it is easier than you may think. If you won’t be staying for the entire year, short term student lets are also available. Most study abroad programs in Newcastle offer pre-arranged accommodation for participants, which makes the question of housing much easier to solve for foreign students than researching and signing subleases individually.

Nationals of the European Union do not need a visa or immigration permission to study abroad in Newcastle. For those currently residing outside of the EEA, an application for clearance is needed, and can be done through something called Tier 4, part of the UK’s points based system. While your academic advisor and program provider can help you with this process, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to find out exact procedures.

Benefits & Challenges

As home to just under 300,000 people, Newcastle upon Tyne provides students with an urban lifestyle that is not overwhelming for those moving from the countryside. And with one in six people in Newcastle being students, there is a strong student culture and youthful vibe to the city. However, this also means that there is high competition for the best student accommodation, work placement opportunities, and job openings. It’s motivating to be surrounded by such an eager crowd though, huh?

For those that get bored with Newcastle (just kidding, that won’t happen), there are many excellent excursions available in the surrounding areas. Whether it’s nature or city life, local or international, Newcastle is well connected by bus, train, and air. So, whether it’s an afternoon at the beach, a  day trip to Edinburgh, or a discount airline ticket to Paris, transportation options are plentiful. Fuss-free and affordable, mini getaways will keep students studying abroad in Newcastle stimulated and well-rounded.

Studying abroad can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, however it provides experiences and opportunities that simply cannot be achieved in your home country. All you need to do is take that leap of faith, and we can’t think of anywhere better to travel to than Newcastle. Aye, yee’ll deek like a reet Geordie in nout time! 

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