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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Bath

A hilly hamlet overflowing with history and hot water, Bath is one of England’s most ideal destinations for hitting the books. Revered for its Roman-built bath houses constructed upon natural hot springs, students will surely have their chance to take advantage of the pools’ supposed healing powers. Though Bath is not excluded from the notoriously gloomy English weather, stunning architecture and leafy countryside will give students a reason to brave the elements. Grab your swimsuit, your rubber ducky, and a sturdy umbrella—it’s time to study abroad in Bath, England!

What you need to know to study in Bath

Students of all subjects who want to study abroad in Bath will find a program to fit their academic needs, but it won’t take long to notice that the city was seemingly created for right-brained scholars. Apart from London, students may be hardpressed to find a destination better suited for indulging the arts in England, and Bath is the answer for those asking for a quieter experience. The city has two universities, and the University of Bath is one of the best in the United Kingdom.

Popular subjects to study. To be, or not to be, won’t be the question when it comes to studying theater in Bath, England. The city has five theaters at students’ disposal, offering the numerous benefits of a practical inside look at the field (or in this case, stage).

If you’ve got a knack for the arts, but prefer to dodge the hot spotlights, consider creative writing or literature—Bath offers both historical and contemporary outlets. If writer’s block sets in, explore the Jane Austen Center, a museum devoted to the novelist’s five years living in Bath, and a sure source of inspiration. Students will also enjoy the annual Bath Festival, which focuses on literature and music. Then, consider throwing your hat into the ring and test your creative skills at the Bard of Bath, a competition to discover the best singer, storyteller, or poet in town.

Georgian, Roman, Greek, Victorian—these are just a few examples of architecture that students of the subject will be able to observe firsthand in Bath. The city is perfect for students who want to explore a wide array of (well-preserved) architectural styles without having to comb countryside from the English Channel to the Mediterranean.

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. If students want to take advantage of good climate, summer marks the beginning of the sunniest, warmest weather in England. If you’re both willing to brave swells of tourist crowds in Bath and short on time before graduation, studying abroad in Bath during a fast-paced summer program will be your ideal situation.

Also available are fall and spring semester programs, and even year-long programs for those who need a little extra time to truly get over never receiving their Hogwarts letter. Studying abroad in Bath for a longer duration means having vital experiences, both academic and personal, and taking full advantage of everything that England, and Europe, have to offer.

Attending universities vs. other program types. Chat up your study abroad office to discuss your options. The determining factor in whether you’ll study abroad in Bath with your home university or with another program will most likely come down to finances or student loans; there doesn’t seem to be any huge variance between the two. No matter the route you take, you’ll have access to invaluable classes and unforgettable experiences at your fingertips!

Life in Bath for International Students

If you study abroad in Bath, you won’t feel terribly far from home, especially if you hail from the American east coast—Great Britain is, after all, just across the pond. Familiar language (apart from fun-to-use slang) and similar norms will reduce the risk of culture shock.

Students will live either independently or in dormitory-style accommodation. Buses are accessible and affordable, and will be useful for students going between home and class. Try to avoid the roads at rush hour, though. 

There is a plethora of interesting sites to explore while taking a breather from your studies. The Roman Baths are, of course, the site that tourists beeline to, but be sure to check out the astounding architecture at the Royal Crescent. Pulteney Bridge is another rare find in Bath—as one of only a handful of bridges remaining in Europe that additionally serves as a shopping arcade, students will enjoy grabbing a coffee and perusing the shops. Take full advantage of clear days, and glimpse beautiful vistas on the Bath Skyline walk during sunset.

Students in Bath will have easy access to the rest of Britain, and to the rest of Europe in general. Students on semester or year-long programs will easily be able to explore other parts of Europe on their own time during weekends or holidays.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for study abroad students in Bath, England

Don’t let studying abroad in Bath leave you skint. The cost of living in England is high, especially in a tourist area like Bath, and unfortunately, most currencies haven’t been doing too hot against the mighty British Pound in recent years. It may be wise to pass on the pints after class at the local pub.

Prospective students have surely noticed recent events in London and the UK in the news. Don’t let it scare you away—England is still generally considered one of the safest destinations for international students. However, remaining vigilant, wherever you may travel, is important and always in your best interest.

With unrivaled access to world-renowned history, architecture, and hot springs, your decision should be easy, mate. Studying abroad in Bath, England will leave you right-chuffed!

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A Guide To
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