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BUAbroad: Belgium Brussels Internship (Summer)

This summer program in Belgium is a combination of one required course and one internship course, each carrying four Boston University credits. The academic component tackles “The European Union in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects”, while the practical component depends on your area of specialization - international organizations, comparative law, or business/economics. The placeme...

Study Abroad Summer - Boston

Voyager Europe - 6 Countries and 14 Cities in 30 Days!

Voyager Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) is a program of Voyager Study Abroad (VSA) - the expert in summer, multi-country and multi-city, programs in Europe! VSA uses an innovative hub design - participants keep their own room in a modern residence in an upscale Madrid neighborhood for the entire program. Every room has a private bath and kitchenette. Partici...

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Low Cost - Budget Study Abroad With CSA

The Center For Study Abroad (CSA) offers low cost, non-profit study abroad programs worldwide. Since 1990. See website to review programs and register. The programs are open to all. It is easy to register and qualify for any of the programs. Participants are guaranteed a quick confirmation. They get the chance to earn college credit. They benefit from the flexible schedules, housing, travel...


CIEE High School Summer: Brussels, Belgium / World Gov't

Chocolate. Waffles. Fries and more fries. Although the Belgian capital is well known for its fabulous street food, savvy students also know it as the epicenter of international relations. For budding diplomats, all roads lead to Brussels. The seat of the European Union (EU) and NATO is an international hub for foreign dignitaries, diplomats, expats… and IR students. Unlike other major cities...


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Live & Learn Dutch in the Flanders Region

The Flanders region is the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium. The largest and most well known city in Flanders is Brussels. This European region has endless tales of history behind it and is world renowned for its stunning architecture, museums, cathedrals and canals. There are 23 million native speakers, and another 5 million that speak Dutch as a second language! While not one of th...


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International Internships - Brussels

Gain self confidence, new skills, valuable work experience and an outstanding resume while working in an exciting and challenging internship in Brussels. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but many also consider it to be the capital of Europe. Brussels is the home of the European Commission, the EU Council of Europe, and the European Parliament. It is also home to the political arm o...


Summer School EU Policy Making

Spend two weeks in intensive study on the European decision-making process in a program designed for students who have a background in international politics or European law. Study for a week in the heart of Europe at The Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where the theory of the decision-making process can be translated into practice. Students will get a theoreti...


CCIS - European Studies Angers, Brussels, Paris

Sign up for a summer study abroad program that takes you to three European cities! The first 3 weeks will be in Angers and will include intensive classes, as well as business field visits and cultural trips. The fourth week will be the Brussels Seminar and the fifth week will be in Paris. Your study in Angers will be based on an intensive program with these courses: European Union Studies; E...


Belgium: A Glimpse into the European Union

Mesa Community College's study abroad program in Belgium offers a stimulating academic and cultural platform while exposing participants to a unique transnational perspective. Broaden your political perspective of the European Union (EU) by exploring culture and communication at the local, national, and global level. Experience life in five EU countries: Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherl...