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Master in Actuarial Science in Portugal

The Master in Actuarial Science at ISEG is designed according to the international requirements for the actuarial profession. It covers most of the course materials required for accreditation of an actuary in the European Union. This is in accordance with the Group Consultative Core Syllabus and the Society of Actuaries. Participants who do well in the program will be exempted to take the foll...


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Study British Degree in Portugal

Cabo da Roca International English School (CIES) offers 3 years of British Degree in Business from University of Worcester, UK. Cabo da Roca International English School’s mission is to contribute to the needs of a diverse local & international learning community through excellence in teaching and support, enabling our students to achieve their individual aims. This is achieved through coll...


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Universidade Lusófona - Degree Abroad in Portugal

Lusófona University, the largest private university in Portugal, welcomes foreign or international students. Apply for a Bachelor, Master’s Course, or Doctorate Program and complete your degree with us. The status ‘international student’ generally applies to those who are not citizens of Portugal or of an EU member state. Foreign students attending an international mobility program are not cons...