How Short Internships Can Make a Big Impact

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If you’re considering an international internship, you’re onto a good thing! Short internships are perfect for students and young professionals, especially if you’re focused on finding flexible and affordable opportunities. Use your time abroad to gain professional insight, network with interesting people, explore the world, and sharpen some essential global citizen skills. 

Whether joining an internship abroad from just two weeks or even a couple of months, you’ll be aiming to maximise your time away to gain the most professionally relevant experience. Here are five of the biggest impacts that short internships will deliver! 

Youth Development Internships Abroad
Youth Development Internships Abroad

1. Real world experience that will help you thrive.

Modern workplaces and communities are increasingly diverse, so if you want to thrive, street-smart cultural skills are a powerful asset to have. Short internships involve shadowing professionals, so you can get a feel for how classroom learning comes alive in the workplace.

Program options are often entry-level, so you can get your feet wet without needing to meet rigid entry criteria or use the opportunity to explore fields of interest that might inspire you to take a certain direction in life. Best of all, short internships act as a stepping-stone, to help you achieve other goals you’ve set your sights on. If you’re aiming to enter a particular industry or school of study down the road, then you can use a short internship to help overcome any barriers to entry. For example, if you wish to work within a multicultural or international field, fast-track your expertise by taking second language lessons in an immersive environment abroad.

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International experiences can also provide powerful opportunities for introspection and self-discovery. Self-awareness, skills, and insights that are developed abroad can add substance to admissions essays and provide valuable content for discussing your attributes in job interviews.

Investing in yourself is a wonderful confidence booster - don’t hesitate to take the first step! 
Teaching & Education Internships Abroad
Teaching & Education Internships Abroad

2. Professional environments that will build your skills.

Schools and employers routinely look for individuals who can talk confidently about their learning journey and professional development. At a loss for words? While professional settings are not the ideal place to “find yourself,” short internships provide nurturing environments that are focused on offering you the scope to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication - so that you can become a standout candidate in a competitive job market.

During an internship, valuable time is dedicated to exploring diverse perspectives, reflecting on your education and culture, sharing discussions with mentors and peers, and thinking about what’s going to work best for yourself moving forward. You’ll see the benefits in action when it comes time to converse with a prospective employer or admission board, and you’ll be able to draw from unique experiences that have impacted you personally and professionally. 

Veterinary & Animal Welfare Internships Abroad
Veterinary & Animal Welfare Internships Abroad

3. Focused support that will accelerate your learning.

Want to ensure that your short internship makes a big impact? Here’s something important that you need to know: anyone can maximize the impact of a short internship and achieve extraordinary outcomes and personal growth, because ultimately, your own motivation and attitude will be more important than the length of time you contribute.

If you want to acquire culturally intelligent skillsets, then there’s no substitute for traveling abroad with an open mind-set and the willingness to engage. However, dedicated internship structures during short programs are specifically designed to amplify learning outcomes and encourage this learning journey. This means that you’ll be provided focused support to complete course credit requirements, guided through reflective and critical thinking tasks, and assisted with re-entry and resume-building for the careful integration of new knowledge and ideas. 

International Internships in Latin America
International Internships in Latin America

4. Affordable fees that will let you make more memories.

Let’s face it, if you’re a student or a young professional, you probably have a budget in mind, right? Since an internship abroad is an investment, you can expect reasonable fees that’ll cover the necessary expenses, such as your airport pick up, meals, accommodation, and support in a foreign country. That’s why short internships strike an excitingly doable balance between affordable fees and an unforgettable experience

Not only can you plan a rewarding internship without breaking the bank, you can also plot the best weekend adventures with your fun new international buddies. After all, no trip is complete unless you can get out and about! Whether you’re a foodie, ready to eat your way through a new city, or if you’re an adrenaline junkie, seeking out the thrills of the great outdoors, you won’t have to miss out on a thing if you plan a duration and budget that allows for both work and play. 

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Aquaculture & Wildlife Internships Abroad
Aquaculture & Wildlife Internships Abroad

5. A flexible program structure that will suit your schedule.

Ready to start planning yet? The best news is that short internships are available year-round. So, figure out when you’ve got some time up your sleeve and just go! It doesn’t matter if you’re between semesters, schools, jobs, or even just feeling at a crossroads - there’s time to set up an internship that’ll match your schedule. 

Explore short internship options by searching destination(s!) of choice, whether you want to intern in Guatemala or Peru, or begin by browsing the internship categories that most take your fancy. Got extra time on your hands and multiple areas of interest? The benefit of flexible durations and rolling admission dates means that you can even do multiple internship programs back-to-back. 

There’s no better way to diversify your experience and cultural immersion, while having the time of your life -- sign up for a short internship ASAP

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