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ELI Abroad

Established in 1979, Machalilla National Park covers more than 60,000 acres, encompassing the islands of La Plata and Salango, Playa Los Frailes, wet lands, dry forests, and fog forests. About 20,000 of these acres are the adjacent ocean, including the coral reef off of the coast. It’s a truly stunning landscape along Ecuador’s Pacific Coast. The ocean region of the park is a particularly ...


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Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Whether you're looking for a hands-on, career related internship that will set you apart from the crowd or a chance to use your skills with meaningful volunteer project, Connect-123 provides customized programs that are tailor-made for you. We run programs in five exciting international destinations: Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Shanghai, Dublin and Barcelona! Our year-round, the ground team in...


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Boston University Study Abroad

Boston University Study Abroad and the School of Management offer students an exciting opportunity to earn management credit and complete a four-credit internship in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid Management Internship Program, which is offered only in the Spring semester, allows students to take management courses at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, a course on contemporary Spain, and a four-cre...


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Starting with a 12 week marine conservation expedition, GVI will help you to develop your understanding of marine conservation and to further or establish your scuba diving skills. You will learn how to live and work with a research team in a remote environment and attain base skills essential for your internship for the following 12 weeks. During this phase you will undertake your PADI Dive ma...


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Adelante Abroad

Madrid is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in nearly every field and sector including medical, business, marketing, international education, broadcasting, social work, sports, graphic design, tourism, psychology internships abroad and much more. To date, Adelante Abroad has placed 100 percent of our intern...


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Projects Abroad

Mexico is a beautiful country, and a great place to spend time on a volunteer program or internship. Mexico is a real meeting-place of cultures: a modern, industrialized and well-educated country that's full of history. American, Spanish and Indian influences all come together to make it a fascinating place that mixes developed and developing worlds. Mexico is a stimulating mixture of wealth an...


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The Intern Group

We provide first class international internships in Madrid! We have the best companies, you have the best career development. We are regularly featured in mainstream international media like CNN International. Apply now to intern in Madrid & boost your career. Our alliances with great companies differentiate us from the rest. No-one is partners with better names & more successful firms than ...


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IES Internships

Intern in this stunning metropolis, a center for global business, arts, and culture. Take the MTA to your internship (the world's oldest, largest, and most-used public transit system) in this incredibly diverse and exciting city, where everything is at your fingertips. On your morning commute, grab a bialy from a traditional Jewish deli, and for lunch, a slice of classic New York-style pizza. ...


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Global Experiences

Global Experiences Barcelona, Spain internship program will take you to one of Europe's most vibrant and progressive cities. Situated between the mountains and the Mediterranean, Barcelona is famous for its architecture, culture, sports and beaches. We have many English-friendly internship opportunities in PR, graphic design, event planning, tourism, business, law, IT, and many other field...


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Dance Internship in Spain

Build your performance resume, gain international arts experience, and directly contribute to a dance company, all while being immersed in Spanish culture! Deepen your understanding of international dance and expand your own skills as a performer by interning with a professional dance school in Barcelona, Spain. You will walk away with a better understanding of the Spanish language and the dyna...


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Absolute Internship

Challenge yourself this summer at Absolute Internship's award-winning Madrid Summer Internship Program. Intern in your industry of choice and gain hands-on work experience while discovering the Spanish capital with fellow Absolute Interns from across the globe. Choose from one, two or three-month programs in over 30 industries including Business, Entrepreneurship, PR/Marketing, and Tourism/ ...


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Kalu Yala

At Kalu Yala in Panama, we actually live in jungle in thatch roof huts that we built with the locals. Here, we host programs in Agriculture, Farm to Table Culinary Arts, Biology and Outdoor Recreation. The variety of programs is important for a lot of reasons, namely that you aren't with people who all think about farming, or all think about biology. To say the least, your dinner table conversa...


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International Internships in London | CAPA The Global Education Network

Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For over 35 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting ...


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ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Shanghai, China, is considered one of the world’s largest cities and most important centers for business and trade. It’s an excellent location for a wide range of career fields and will provide you a chance to learn about the business side of most industries. Its long history as an Asian trade hub has contributed to its distinct welcoming and open atmosphere, making it the ideal location for t...


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Linguistic Horizons

Intern abroad with Linguistic Horizons in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, located between Cusco & Machu Picchu! This program is ideal for people who want to go off the beaten path and have a truly immersive experience. You'll improve your Spanish, learn about the local culture of the people in Urubamba, and the indigenous Andean communities in the surrounding areas. Participants will inte...