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Music Internships Abroad

Music plays an enormous role in the lives of people all around the globe. While every country in the world performs and listens to music, the social and cultural significance of this art form can vary greatly. By participating in a music internship abroad, you will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the global power of music, and learn how you can turn your passion into a career. Whether you are interested in sound-design, music performance, or ethnomusicology, there is a music internships abroad waiting for you.

Why Intern Abroad in Music

Interning abroad in music will expose you to the various cultural uses and applications of music around the world, giving you a larger lens through which to frame your musical studies or career. You will gain an understanding and appreciation for different approaches to the music industry as a business as well. Learning how other countries evolve and react to constantly changing trends in music can provide incredible insight to an ever-changing field. Those interested in music education will be able to find an even larger pool of opportunities to teach, work, and gain valuable classroom experience and skills that can be brought back and applied to their home environment.


In a field as globally rooted as music, it makes sense that the more well versed you can become, the more job prospects you will have. The more familiar you are with music on an international scale (as far as different cultural interpretations, the music industry, and the global community), the further you will set yourself apart. Here are just a few of the locations in which you can find incredible opportunities for music internships abroad.

England. It is possible to find music internships in many areas of the music industry in England, especially in the capital city of London. Since the “British Invasion” of rock and roll in the 1960’s, the world has looked to England for musical guidance and revolution. Interns will benefit from being immersed in music internships abroad in a country that gave the world the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and many more music legends!

Ghana. Often referred to as the cultural hub and “heartbeat” of Africa, those with a strong background in performance and education will find a wealth of music internship opportunities throughout Ghana. Music internships in Ghana allow interns to combine their love of performance with education in unique internship opportunities, such as those that allow interns to undergo state of the art training in Ghanaian drumming or dance from world renowned teachers. Interns can partake in music internships in Ghana at various musical arts centers.

Spain. Those who thrive in a more “behind the scenes” environment will find exciting music internships in Barcelona, a bursting metropolis that is home to culture, music, and of course, futbol. Interns will have the opportunity to explore the music industry in Spain by interning at local music schools or even working at local festivals, such as those celebrating salsa or Latin jazz. Music internships in Spain will help interns hone and develop their marketing skills, as they will often spend time assisting in daily operations of an organization or developing new public relations strategies. Interns will also often assist with online promotion through social media, event planning, and marketing for any number of festivals or artists.

Music Internships Abroad

Since the field of music is so expansive, those looking to intern abroad in music will have the opportunity to select from a diverse range of placement types and focus areas. If you do not have any academic training in music, but are still a passionate performer or listener, there are still (arguably even more) music internships abroad that will suit you.

Your music internship abroad could place you with numerous kinds of musical organizations and music programs; however, most music internship opportunities primary focus on one of the following emphasises: education, performance, music business, and music therapy.

Education. Music internships abroad dedicated to music education allow participants to absorb skills from some of the world's foremost educators and conductors and reinforce classroom techniques and strategies learned during university coursework. These are incredible, once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunities that will provide participants with more global insight and awareness of music education, at a level that simply cannot be reached without interning abroad.

Performance. People who have dedicated their whole lives to performance and practice can still find great benefits in music internships abroad. Music performance internships will allow interns to continue to develop their musical skills as they engage in new and radical ways of practicing, playing, and performing, all the while making lasting connections and establishing a true “musician’s rolodex.” As a professional musician, one can never underestimate the value of a good connection, and performance internships abroad will provide optimum networking opportunities, and so much more.

Music Business. One of the more popular avenues for music internships abroad are for participants who enjoy working on “the other side of the glass.” Music business internships abroad allow interns to partake in fantastic opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge while learning from and working for some of the best and hardest working music professionals in the world.

Music Therapy. An increasingly popular field, and easily the smallest of the aforementioned areas, those with a background in music therapy, or those who are currently studying the subject, will find that there is an untapped wealth of music therapy internship placements available around the world. Music therapy internships will give interns extraordinary real world experience and show them how music therapy can make a real difference.


Networking. This seems obvious and trite, but as any working musicians will tell you, one of the most undervalued and important components to any music career in productive networking. Whether it be in performance, business, recording, or education, establishing international contacts and beginning to spin your web of connections on a global stage will only increase your job and musical opportunities in the future.

Make Real Change. Especially relevant for those in the fields of education and music therapy, you will find that your music internship abroad not only helps you, but also those you are working for or working with. This can be one of the most rewarding aspects of music internships abroad. You will have the chance to view the true power of music in a very unique way while interning abroad.

Round Off Your Skill Sets. This is the most important benefit of music internships abroad. As a musician interning abroad in another country, adding your new insights, skills, and experiences to your musical arsenal and repertoire will be an invaluable asset to your career. Are you familiar with cascara patterns? Do you have experience teaching in over-sized classrooms? There are just some things you may be exposed to during your music internship abroad, and these experience will your chances of getting certain jobs in the future.

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