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150 Study Abroad Programs in Roma (Rome), Italy

Study Arts and Languages in Rome, Italy

Spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying abroad in Rome at Lorenzo de' Medici. Students can earn up to 15 credits studying a variety of courses, including Culinary Arts, Religious Studies, and International Policy And Diplomacy. This program provides an LdM or U.S. transcript from Marist College in New York, Italian Language Tutoring, Housing, and more.

Public fountain in Italy
John Cabot University

Give yourself a true education abroad experience in Rome, Italy at John Cabot University (JCU) and enhance your international awareness! Students who come have the challenge and satisfaction of contributing to building a global community and gaining an international perspective for the real diversity each of us brings to JCU in Rome. John Cabot is an independent American accredited instituti...

Study Abroad in Rome, Italy with Temple University

Choose among three program options through Temple University in the historical, culture-infused city of Rome. Participants may choose from a broad range of academic courses, including Architecture, Political Science, and Marketing. No prior international experience is required for participation.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts

Have you dreamt of a place where you could study art, indulge your curiosity, and experience another world? The Aegean Center offers a classically based arts education in two compelling historical locations, Greece and Italy. Surround yourself with beauty, immerse yourself in art, and discover the joy of real education.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Become an international student in the cosmopolitan city of Rome through Forum-Nexus Study Abroad. With six program options to choose from, participating students get the chance to partake in a comprehensive, unique summer learning program. Courses are available in a wide range of topics, including International Relations, Psychology, and Finance.

Exchange students having their picture taken
ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Rome’s many neighborhoods and sprawling historical sites give the sense of being in a small town, despite the fact of being home to almost 3 million people. Rome is the political capital of Italy and regional capital of Lazio, as well as being home to an entire City State - the Vatican City. In addition to its strong political influences, the Eternal City also boasts an incredible amount of his...

Study in Italy with API

Gain a comprehensive study abroad experience in Rome with API. Programs allow American and Canadian students to study at Lorenzo de' Medici or John Cabot University. Available during different terms, the programs cover a wide variety of subject areas and include post-program services as well.

Inspiring Summer and Semester Programs in Italy

Live and study abroad in the city of Rome, Italy with SAI Programs. SAI Programs provide students with programs available throughout the year that cover a variety of subjects such as Italian Language, Culture, and Classical Studies. Students study at John Cabot University or ITALIAIDEA.

Cornell in Rome

Experience studying abroad in the historical city of Rome, Italy with Cornell University. Students from around the globe with at least two years of university education can take part in the Cornell in Rome program and study landscape architecture, medieval studies, and contemporary Italian art. The program consists of extensive studio work, on-site classes, and a field trip itinerary.

Study in Rome, Florence or Perugia with CISabroad!

Gain fluency in Italian by studying in Rome through CISabroad. With programs available during every term, students from across the globe can study subjects such as Architecture and Fine Arts. Programs include small class sizes, allowing students to receive more individual attention and immerse more effectively into the Italian lifestyle.

Study in Italy: Various Academic Options Available

Discover the city of Rome while studying abroad through AIFS. AIFS provides students from the U.S. with summer, semester, and full academic year programs. The programs cover many subject areas such as Media, Art History, and Photography.

Year Round Study Programs in Italy

Study abroad in Rome with IES Abroad. Programs are available for different terms and cover a variety of subjects such as Art History, Computer Science, and Communications. Students live with a host family or in a shared apartment, take part in Italian cooking classes, and go on optional multi-day field trips.

Semester and Summer Programs in Italy

Study abroad in the historic city of Rome with Athena Study Abroad. Students can take part in the Tour of Italy program and learn about Rome's history, culture, and develop a higher Italian fluency. Students can study at the Lorenzo de Medici and study a variety of courses in Religious Studies, Art History, and Anthropology.

Budget Academic Programs in Rome with CSA!

Center For Study Abroad - CSA International, Inc. programs are open to all adults from all countries, for study abroad is for everyone. CSA's mission is to provide quality programs at a lower cost, as well as offer a lot of flexibility to best fit each participant.

Syracuse University

Italy is widely known as having some of the most progressive legal policies supporting inclusive practice and an over 30-year tradition of educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms. Inclusion in Italy is based on the principle that the integration of people with disabilities is a positive force in the classroom, because it offers all students opportunities to develop ...

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Studying Abroad in Rome

Yes, the city where all roads lead to, the capital of Italy today and the center of the known world during the Roman Empire. This place is steeped in history, and even spending several months in Rome wouldn’t be enough to get a true grasp on the ancient city’s Roman way of life. With its popularity among tourists, Rome is no longer the cheap city it used to be, but there are ways around both the crowds and inflated prices.

Food & Culture

If you’re trying to cut corners on the food budget, you have plenty of options. A favorite of many visitors for lunch is just stopping in any little bakery (paninoteca) for deliciously fresh sandwiches.


Fiesty Mikki runs is a favorite student hangout in Rome located just at the back corner of the E Pantheon. It’s a party every time. Ask for their famous student menu for 15 Euros: salad, pizza, two types of pasta, dessert, wine, and of course, Mikki’s “Sexy wine”.

Isola del Panino

Between largo Argentina and the Pantheon, you’ll find one of the best values in the heart of Rome. This one-man show is run by friendly Fabio and attracts high-powered businessmen and budget backpackers alike. Hours are tight so be sure to pop in between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Not much English is spoken here so order by pointing.

Dar Poeta

Rome’s best pizzeria is tucked away in a small alley in Trastevere. Run by three friends, this place pumps out an incredible menu of wood-fired pizzas for a great price. If you’re in a spicy mood, go for the Lingua del Fuoco. Hungry? Ask for “pizza alto” to get a double crust.

There are tons of knock-your-socks-off gelaterias across Rome. But before stepping inside, first you must learn how to tell if a gelateria is worth its weight in gelato. A proven technique for determining the quality of gelato, and ice cream in general, is comparing the fruit flavors to the actual color of the fruit ingredients. Banana, for example should be grey-ish; if it’s bright yellow, you know the place is making up for their shortcomings with food coloring. Likewise for pistachio; it should be a muted green color, so avoid places where it is neon. You don’t necessarily have to get those flavors, but they’re a good indicator of the overall quality of a place.

Old Bridge

This incredible gelateria is located in the perfect location to help you fortify against or recover from the daunting Vatican experience. This place always has a line halfway around the block. Don’t be scared, just roll up your sleeves and dive into the crowd. Aggressively get up to the front and place your order at the same time as paying.


Pay for your order first as you step in the door, then take your receipt over to their overflowing supply of chillingly-good flavors. Located a 3-minute walk away from the Pantheon.

Casa del Café

While not technically a gelateria, this café still has some favorite frozen treats in Rome: their famous Granita del Café, or coffee granita. Pay at the counter in the back first, then bring your receipt to the front to claim your prize.

Things to Do

Rome is packed to the gills with world-class sightseeing, there are plenty of can’t-miss attractions.

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican is the center of the worldwide Catholic church and its public museums offer a glimpse into the worldly riches of the church. The hallways are dripping in Renaissance masterpieces and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is quite literally jaw dropping. Reserve your entry ahead of time to skip the line. Otherwise, beat the lines by getting up early, or going late. Allow three hours inside to see everything, and bring a bottle of water and snacks to survive.

Coliseum & Roman Forum

Commissioned nearly 1000 years ago, the Coliseum is one of Rome’s most popular attractions. The same ticket will get you into the Forum so consider picking yours up at the gate to the Forum if the Coliseum’s line is too long. You’ll get hounded by tour promoters and gladiators so put your game face on and enjoy!


An incredible feat of architecture and engineering, the Pantheon has been studied and replicated since its creation. Commissioned by Hadrian, and completed in about A.D. 125, it is now an active Catholic church and you can catch Mass here several times a week.

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