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Study in picturesque Cape Coast in Ghana! Students will experience the highly rewarding combination of studying country-specific courses all taught in English. Students will also get to interact with local students, learn fascinating history, and immersed themselves in diversity!

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Students interested to study abroad in Ghana should explore their options with Semester at Sea. This program provides participants the opportunity to earn academic credits while circumnavigating the globe. The program has an established partnership with the University of Virginia and integrates multi-country study as well as interdisciplinary coursework.


Expand your education in Ghana with the New York University program in Accra. Program highlights include, the opportunity to take part in Ghanaian cultural events, shopping for traditional products at the Kaneshie and Makola markets, and attending cultural festivals in neighboring cities.


Study abroad in the small, tropical country of Ghana, known for its warm and hospitable locals. Students take courses at the University of Ghana. They will experience Ghanaian society and its educational system firsthand. The program is available to participants from all over the world.


The Council on International Educational Exchange study abroad program in Ghana is designed to widen the intellectual horizons for participants worldwide. Students will learn about the Ghanaian perspective from a cultural, historical, political, and economic lense. Study at the University of Ghana and experience the local academic system with knowledgeable professors. This program offers course...


ISEP gives international students the opportunity to enroll direct with the University of Ghana. Founded in 1948, the university operates in affiliation with the University of London. The University of Ghana is now the largest of four universities in Ghana and has nearly 7,000 enrolled students. Though the University of Ghana offers highly diversified course offerings, the university is espec...


Students can learn about African history, literature, and performing arts at the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra through Temple University's study abroad programs. The courses are taught by Dr. Abu Shardow Abarry, an associate professor of African American Studies at Temple University.


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Travel around Ghana in this three-week all inclusive trip with a group of Africa enthusiasts and performing artists and receive state of the art dance training from some of Ghana’s most accomplished dancers and musicians. Guest artists will also visit the center to offer courses in batik, tye-dying, kente weaving, drum making, blacksmithing, and other cultural arts of Ghana. The program is led ...


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The Missouri-Ghana program is a fall semester program at the University of Ghana, Legon. The program enables students to enroll in regular courses at the university, allowing for the greatest level of cultural immersion. All classes are taught in English. A faculty member from the Missouri-Africa Program Consortium university will accompany the group and serve as a resource and support. The ...


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Gain cross-cultural experience through Youth for Understanding study abroad programs. American students can study in Accra for varying lengths of time, from five weeks up to one year. All students live with a carefully selected homestay, join guided excursions, and have access to volunteer opportunities.


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Work the World accommodates a wide variety of course requirements with their study abroad in Ghana programs tailored to individual preferences and skills. They take pride in providing a broader elective experience with additional projects that give participants the chance to engage in cultural activities and learn the local language.


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Immerse yourself in a beautiful Ghanaian city while learning about the countrys approach to providing healthcare services to its citizens. Program participants will gain a global perspective on the overall Ghanaian healthcare system delivery services, various socioeconomic factors, and the structural and financial healthcare challenges medical professionals deal with. They will be able to addr...


Spend a semester on an arts program in Ghana and experience the artistic outputs of this complex and highly diverse West African country. This SIT Study Abroad program gives students the opportunity to explore culture, religion, economic development, migration, and social transformation and to participate in arts workshops and performances.

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Studying Abroad in Ghana

Ghana provides learning experiences on every level. If you’re looking to study on the Dark Continent, in a place that’s accessible, affordable, and safe, this West African country is an excellent choice. You’ll embark on indescribable outdoor adventures in Ghana, see the realities of history, and find stunning textiles at world-famous markets. 

Food & Culture

Markets are a part of life in Ghana. The city of Accra has the bustling Makola market and the cool Osu Night Market. Traditional Ghanaian craft is centered around textiles and cloth, and fabric is an important form of their art and written history. Other art forms include diverse music and dance performances. Drums are a major instrument, and Afro-jazz is a popular style here. Christianity is the main religion in Ghana, but there are also areas in the north that are predominantly Islamic. Relations between these two groups are peaceful.

You can immerse yourself in a brand-new language, as many people speak the local dialect, Twi (where Eti sen? Eh ya! means “how are you?” “I’m fine!”).

Things to Do

Be sure to stop by Kakum National Park while studying abroad in Ghana to soak in the tropical rainforests, butterflies, pygmy elephants, and meerkats. You’ll walk over hanging bridges that are at the canopy level — a thrill and a challenge to anyone with a fear of heights.

The Academy of African Music and Art in Kokrobite, offering overnight lodging and some great drum shows and beaches.

Mole National Park is the biggest wildlife refuge in the country and home to hippos, monkeys, elephants, antelope, and other creatures. For some incredibly cool photos, check out Nzulezo, a small village built on stilts along the water

In Kumasi, check out the Kejetia Market.

Many locations in Ghana are steeped in history; two of the most prominent are Cape Coast Castle and St. George’s Castle built in 1482, The two are close enough together that both can be visited the same day. A guide is highly recommended, as they will be able to explain the significance for the slave trade and take you through the castle. Be prepared to feel unnerved when you visit the dungeons where slaves were kept — the space has a very creepy air. Cape Coast Castle was originally built as a hub for trading gold and timber, but was later used in the slave trade. 

The Manhyia Palace Museum in Kumasi is another fascinating Ghanaian landmark that provides a rare glimpse into the lives of Ashanti kings hundreds of years ago.

Studying in Ghana

Most people studying in Ghana attend one of two universities — the University of Cape Coast or the University of Ghana. Both are known for their excellent academics; classes are taught in English, and the University of Ghana is an affiliate college of the University of London. Some American universities have satellite programs here as well. If you are looking for direct enrollment in a U.S. school while abroad, this is a good option; however, you will not be taking classes with any local college students.

Top subjects to study in Ghana are humanities courses such as business, history, political science, and of course, African studies. You can also find performance art, environmental sciences, and even service-learning courses that involve work with local community service organizations. You’ll probably find the classes here are much less structured than at your own university; in fact, Ghana is best for students who can work well independently, because this is the style of instruction in most courses.

There are two main housing options for studying abroad in Ghana — either living in a residence hall with Ghanaian and international students, or living with a family in a homestay. The latter gives you a more family-style life where you eat Ghanaian home-cooked meals and attend family birthdays or other celebrations. 

Ghana is a safe and affordable country, and is an excellent choice for studying abroad whether or not you have been to Africa before. You’ll be welcomed by total strangers here, and traveling around the country is relatively easy. It’s a guaranteed learning experience that will open up your eyes to another world.

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