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Off the Map: Cuba

Travel by horse, boat, and foot through several of Cuba’s Central and Western provinces to some of the island’s most remote destinations. Participate in mangrove restoration and sea turtle conservation efforts in Maria de la Gorda. Relax on the beaches of secluded keys only accessible by boat and snorkel in the infamous Bay of Pigs. Wander the streets of Havana and Trinidad as you marvel at Cub...


Cuba: Authentic Cuba

On this trip, we find ourselves in a strikingly independent, beautifully unique Caribbean paradise. Be among the first Americans to open the door to Cuba in almost 60 years. Cuba offers endless opportunities to expand our cultural horizons and challenge our assumptions. Meet face to face with famous Cuban performers to learn about the distinct culture and heritage they carry, snorkel to a shipw...


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Cuba Unlocked

Grab this opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of people from rural communities! Join in any of the volunteering opportunities run by Bright Light Volunteers in Cuba. Our projects are in the relaxing and laid-back town of Trinidad, where groups of volunteers enjoy an experience of a lifetime! Together with your companions, work on educational and conservation projects while...


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Cuba: Building Bridges

Muraleando, which means "mural making" in Spanish, developed into a thriving arts and culture center out of an abandoned water tank in Lawton. Today, the center brings together children from the community, many of whom are low income, to work on projects that help to revitalize the neighborhood. These include art projects, sports programs and dance classes. Over the course of the trip, you w...