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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Monteverde

As you read these lines, there are over a hundred species of mammals breathing fresh air in the Monteverde cloud forest. Not to mention the hundred and sixty species of reptiles that are moving through the humid dirt. Or, the exotic birds, peacefully flying above the majestic trees. By volunteering in this “living natural history museum,” you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a small, friendly, and adventurous community; challenge yourself by adapting and contributing to a different environment, and try the highest bungee jumping in Central America. Interested in volunteering in Monteverde and having an impactful experience?

What you need to know about volunteering in Monteverde

Lively. Open. Authentic. These are just a few words that encapsulate what Monteverde is. No matter where you come from, what language you speak, or if you rather use chopsticks over forks and knives, in this prestigious, magical, and unique village in Costa Rica, you can always make your experience count (as long as you’re adventurous, passionate, self-driven and open to new points of view and forms of communication.)! 

Popular causes for volunteering in Monteverde. When you think about Monteverde, you instantly transport your mind up 4,662 ft to the clouds. The Monteverde cloud forest is the most important biological reserve in Costa Rica, and holds 2.5 percent of the whole world biodiversity. Around 250,000 visitors come here to admire the natural beauty it holds. Eventually, one of the most popular causes you can volunteer on is conservation

But with so many visitors a year, Monteverde is forced to find creative solutions to receive passionate individuals and also preserve their one of a kind environment; this is why it has developed the most complete and globally recognized model for sustainable and responsible tourism. Perfect place to learn about this delicate but powerful industry and help it grow in a sustainable way. There’s many ways to help develop this industry, but also many challenges, like the community itself. Learn more about how sustainable development works and how to help a small community grow while inspiring them and teaching group leadership skills. 

Short term volunteer programs in Monteverde. Time is something that determines your volunteering experience and something you should consider when deciding what you want to do. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from going abroad — at least not in Monteverde — here, you will find a small and heartwarming community that will occupy a place in your heart. You will certainly learn and have a HUGE impact on the people you meet and the things you decide to help with. Consider finding short term volunteer programs during summer months, it’s a nice way to spend your time and contribute to a cause! 

Long term volunteer programs in Monteverde. Long term volunteer programs — you know, the kind that last a couple of months or even YEARS — are the way to go. This allows you plenty of time to be warmly welcomed by this affectionate and friendly community; you'll be strolling around like a local before you know it. There are volunteering options available that will definitely meet your interests and needs. If Monteverde is your calling, consider staying in the clouds for as long as possible and find a homestay. Not only you’ll be able to live a more authentic experience, you will also support the community and connect with different people that are willing to share their lifestyles with you.

Life in Monteverde, Costa Rica for international volunteers

As you travel and accumulate more experiences, you start understanding that home is not a place but a state of mind. Home is wherever you feel comfortable, free, accepted, and happy. In Monteverde, luckily, you can feel at home very easily. 

There are tons of cozy little cafés and places to hang out, as well as delicious, one of a kind restaurants. If you’re into hiking (and even if you’re not, too), you can find several options to let your mind wander. It’s a small town, so you can walk mostly everywhere while enjoying the life happening around you and — very frequently —the stunning nature. There are a lot of local shops to browse handmade jewelry, organic local food products, and fair trade clothing. You can even pay a visit to the weekend market, where members from the community proudly sell artisanal foods and crafts.

GoAbroad's insider scoop for volunteers in Monteverde

You can think as Monteverde as a very safe place to make memories. People will receive you instantly and help you feel safe and at home.

A typical breakfast consists of gallo pinto (rice and beans!). It’s delicious and will give you energy to make the most out of the day. Nevertheless, if it feels a little too overwhelming to have this everyday, there are many places where you can buy the food that makes you feel more at home. There are some coffee farms and the delicious coffee is sold at the local shops, where you can taste it’s unique flavor. If you’re an ice cream lover, hold on tight. Monteverde has it’s own factory! Ice cream flavors here are so good, after you leave they will be your point of comparison.  

Is bungee jumping in your bucket list? Or even better, is it something you’re terrified of trying? Cross that goal or step out of your comfort zone and pay a visit to the highest bungee jump in Central America! If bungee jumping way too much for you, no worries, you can also find the largest zipline and more great attractions that will boost your adrenaline. No matter if you’re an adventure junkie, bird geek, or obsessed over conservation issues and community growth, Monteverde and it’s volunteer abroad programs will always have something special and unique on offer.

In Monteverde, not only will you receive mentoring and orientation from great researchers and individuals; you will also be able to grow as a person in a positive and enjoyable community, as you discover new passions and generate an impact on people’s lives AND our environment. Time to stop thinking and start acting, find the program that fits you and PURA VIDA! 

Toucan-NOT get enough? Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Costa Rica.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Monteverde


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