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Are you ready for a summer like no other in the Andes? On our Summer in Peru program, you’ll live and study in Qos’o, the Quechua name for Cusco. This World Heritage city is known as the hub of modern indigenous culture in Peru. The city was recently designated the historical capital of the country for its glorious past as the center of Incan civilization. Its colonial architecture and history-...

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Live and study in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Maximo Nivel offers the most intensive and professional Spanish immersion program in Latin America. Our Native Spanish Program emphasizes oral communication and integrated skills development to help you really build your Spanish language proficiency - this is a great immersion experience. Our native-speaking Spanish teachers are highly q...

Maximo Nivel Peru

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ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Cusco is a city in southeastern Peru, situated high in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Cusco boasts a rich cultural history, as the former center of the Inca Empire. The first Spaniards arrived in the 1530s, with Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, discovering the city. Much of the architecture in present-day Cusco is a mix of Inca and Spanish influence. The city has been built around ancien...


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Pacific Discovery Peru Summer Program - 4 weeks

This summer program gives you the chance to experience Peru’s incredible cultural, social and environmental diversity. We immerse ourselves in Spanish, volunteer and homestay with local families, bike and trek an Inca jungle trail to Machu Picchu, explore Mediterranean-like islands at 12,000ft on Lake Titicaca, wander the ancient cobbled stones streets, plazas and markets of Cusco and Arequipa,...

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Athena Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

Athena's Cusco, Peru program follows in line with Athena's mission of providing personalized study abroad. This program is perfect for the student looking for an adventure, or a student looking to learn or advance their Spanish Language in a unique location. The richly historic city of Cusco is the site of the Incan Empire capital. Students have the opportunity to hike ancient ruins, meet l...


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Nutrition & Natural Medicine in Peru

Learn about Nutrition & Natural Medicine with us in the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru! This program allows you to gain hands on experience that will help you learn about the local Peruvian super foods, vegan cooking, natural Andean medicine, herbal and plant-based medicine, aromatherapy, organic farming, and more. You will gain an entirely new perspective on health and natur...


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Peru: Sacred Mountains

Peru, ancient seat of the Inca – once the greatest civilization in South America, is a land of towering peaks and steamy jungles, of modern urban centers and hidden villages. The radical juxtapositions in landscape and culture of this majestic country are reflected in the striking socio-economic disparities that pervade society. Students dig into critical development issues by living with famil...


Peru Spanish & Service

Immerse yourself in Spanish as you explore the “Sacred Valley”, trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and give back to Quechua communities. Explore the Peruvian Andes and rainforest of the Amazon while conversing with locals, learning traditional dances, exploring colorful markets and volunteering with local children and at a research station in the Amazon. Earn college credits and community ser...


Peru: International Health Adventure in the Sacred Valley

This faculty-led, 3 credit, 2-week, educational experience will be a combination of rewarding hard work and pleasure. While in Peru, you will be exposed to the Peruvian culture and learn about the amazing colorful people of the nation. Students will work side by side with prominent community members and other volunteers to promote healthy lifestyle practices. As part of this experience, you wil...


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KEI Abroad in Lima & Cuzco, Peru

Peru is a magical country with a rich history and culture. Students have the option of studying in Lima, Peru's cultural, political and economic capital, or in Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage site. SEMESTER & YEAR CONCENTRATIONS - Business, Law & Diplomacy - Spanish Language & Peruvian-Andean Studies * - Tourism & Hospitality Management * Offere...