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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Jordan

Friendly. Welcoming. Diverse. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan cannot be captured in a few adjectives — it must be experienced to be understood. From the bustling capital city of Amman to the quiet desert sandscapes of Wadi Rum at night, Jordan offers a wide variety of adventures to be had. Jordan is a country full of beautiful vistas, savory pitas, and addictive coffee. With its close proximity to other historical sites and popular tourist attractions (Petra, anyone?!), you’ll love life when you study abroad in Jordan.

Where to Study Abroad in Jordan

From the inevitable lows of the Dead Sea to dipping your toes in the Gulf of Aqaba, here are the best places to study abroad in Jordan. 

The capital and largest city, Amman, is the political, economic, and cultural hub of Jordan. From the Jordan Museum to the Roman ruins, you’ll get a good dose of history while you’re here. Having some prior Arabic language experience is helpful in Jordan, but Amman is a good city for acquiring such language skills.

Situated in the south between the continents of Asia and Africa, Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan. Tingle your tastebuds with Sayadiyah (rice, fish, and spices), visit the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere as sea breezes kiss your face. The city shuts down between 2 and 6 p.m. for its siesta, so you can catch up on needed sleep from all of your exploring! Scuba divers will also love exploring its many coral communities.

Costs of Studying in Jordan

What are the costs of studying in Jordan? Recently, Jordan has experienced a boom in the costs, thanks to its many tourists and relative regional safety and security. However, your visit won’t break the bank, as living costs in Jordan are still low. The program fee and airfare will be your largest expenses for study abroad programs in Jordan. Program costs usually cover tuition, housing, and food. Budgeting your money, scoring scholarships, and fundraising can all help you keep your piggy bank happy. 

Student Housing in Jordan

What types of housing are available for students in Jordan? Most study abroad programs in Jordan will arrange your housing for you, which could range from apartments/flats, guest housing, or homestay arrangements. In most cases, you’ll be living with other international students, which is a great way to make new friends. With so many delicious pistachio-based sweets and local cuisines, how could you resist the opportunity to live with a host family and try homemade meals? Give yourself ample chance to practice Arabic and immerse yourself in the national culture, customs, and traditions.

Student Visas for Jordan

You’ll need to apply for a student visa once you’re in the country in order to study abroad in Jordan. The documents you’ll need include a negative HIV/AIDs test and a passport that is valid six months beyond the departure date. The requirements may be different for citizens of certain countries or change as well. Stay up to date with the study abroad Jordan coordinator and GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Warmth. The Arab tradition of karam (hospitality) is prevalent in Jordan. Accepting at least one cup of tea or coffee is polite and appropriate, but remember that Jordanians will continue to fill the cup until the visitor refuses.

Culture. Jordan’s population is over 90 percent Muslim. As a result, the official Jordanian weekend is Friday and Saturday. Visitors should also be respectful of Jordanians’ norms for modesty. Tank tops and shorts should be avoided by both genders.

With a blend of cuisines and religions from its neighbors, you’ll experience a smorgasbord of culture and adventure while you study abroad in Jordan! 

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Jordan


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FIE’s Conflict and the Struggle for Peace

Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East summer program offers students the opportunity to spend their summer immersed in two cultures with a unique outlook on peace and conflict resolution. Those with an interest in international relations, policy and diplomacy, and conflict studies will find this five-week program packed from beginning to end. Start your first course in Dublin (with an inc...


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Study Abroad in Jordan with CIEE

Thinking about studying in jordan? The Council on International Educational Exchange provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on building language proficiency in Arabic. This study abroad in Jordan program suports students interested in gaining a better understanding of the important local issues and events. Explore Jordan through excursions to exciting historical spots su...


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Languages Abroad

Discover Jordanian culture by taking courses with Languages Abroad. Located in the city of Amman, participants may choose to partake in the Standard Course, which provides 20 group lessons on Arabic every week, or the Private Course, offering 10 to 20 private lessons weekly. Classes are conducted from Sunday to Thursday.


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Middlebury College in Jordan

Join Middlebury College in Amman for a cross-cultural study abroad experience. Students who have completed 2nd year Arabic and meet minimum grade requirements can enroll in this program, based at the University of Jordan. Participants will immerse in the local culture and language through daily conversations, and living with either a local host family or in a dorm with Jordanian students.


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Study Abroad in Jordan with SIT Study Abroad

SIT Study Abroad offers several programs in Jordan. Study the impact of conflicts on health or Arabic, democracy, and the environment on a semester program. Study Arabic or innovative approaches to water shortage problems on a summer program. Or study health or human rights on a comparative program that visits Jordan and three other countries.


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AMIDEAST provides international students with three study abroad programs located in Amman, Jordan. Participants can choose from two summer study programs, one of which includes courses in London, England, or participate in a semester program on Area and Arabic Language Studies. Participation is restricted to students from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia.


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The Gilman International Scholarship Program & Boren Awards

The Gilman International Scholarship Program and Boren Awards Program offer American students with limited funding options the chance to study abroad in Jordan, by providing financial support. All applicants must be in good academic standing. Boren Award recipients usually stay in the nation for a longer period, and Gilman recipients are normally those who are underrepresented in more study abr...


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Field Work with Syrian Refugees in Jordan

This class will look at the Syrian tragedy from a critical perspective of experiments in conflict resolution interventions from their pre-war stage inside Syria to their current mid-war period. Students will learn about the challenges facing Syrian refugees, meet with activists and humanitarian workers, and learn from organizations attempting to address these challenges and mitigate the disastr...


Consortium for Global Education (CGE)

Spend your summer in Jordan and enroll in Applied Sciences at the University or Philadelphia through the Consortium for Global Education (CGE). Students will have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn the Arabic language, and explore the city of Amman though organized excursions. Participants earn academic credits while experiencing life in Jordan.


Qasid Arabic Intensive Program

The Qasid Program is an intensive, multi-term course tailored for non- native speakers and heritage learners wishing to excel in Arabic. It is designed with busy professionals and students in mind, aiming to teach the equivalent of a year’s worth of university - level Arabic in just under three months in each of our winter, spring, and fall quarters, and in just nine weeks during our Summer...