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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Jerusalem

Let’s play word association. What comes to mind when you hear “Jerusalem”? Do you see winding cobblestone streets and ancient temples and churches? Do you hear the call to prayer and smell shawarma and falafel? Studying abroad in Jerusalem is studying abroad in a city that has played a major role in world events for centuries. It may be one of the oldest cities in the world, but Jerusalem is also the capital city of a country of innovators and entrepreneurs who are leading the charge towards technological innovation in the modern world.

Student Life in Jerusalem

Life as an international student in Jerusalem is never dull. Israel is a small country, which means it’s easy to get around. Take a bus to Tel Aviv for a beach day, or up to the Golan Heights for a scenic hike. In a country the size of New Jersey you can spend your morning in the mountains and be in the Negev desert by sunset. Studying abroad in Jerusalem is also a great time to get some hands on experience by adding a volunteer component to your program, either in Jerusalem or the surrounding area. 

Staying in Jerusalem is never dull either. Get lost meandering down the streets of the old city and stumble upon a centuries-old temple, church, or mosque. Learn a new language or about a new culture and religion. Outside the old city, Jerusalem is a modern city. It is a city of historical, cultural, and political significance. Check out the museums, the parks, and the markets. Machane Yehuda Market, or The Shuk, as it’s commonly known, is a great place to explore the sounds and tastes of Jerusalem.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Many people think of Israel as being a desert country. There is a beautiful desert worth exploring, but it’s only one part of the country. Jerusalem is a city in the mountains that can get fairly cold in the winter. It even snows in Jerusalem, a day or two every year. It might be a good idea to throw a sweater into your bag with your bathing suits and hiking boots.  

Jerusalem and its holy sites are a significant part of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Despite what you have read and heard in the media at home, studying in Jerusalem and getting to know people of all faiths and nationalities will give you new insights and perspectives. Take advantage of the resources you have as a student to learn about an issue that affects everyone.

Choosing a study abroad program in Jerusalem gives you the opportunity to explore thousands of years of history, mountains, deserts, beaches, and the best hummus. The possibilities are seemingly endless with so many study abroad programs being offered.

Feeling inspired? Keep reading! You’ll love our our comprehensive guide on studying in Israel.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Jerusalem


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Blended MA Jewish Education: 1-yr online & 6 wks on-campus

Take your career in Jewish Education to the next level with a prestigious MA Jewish Education from Hebrew University Melton Centre. The 1-year online MA Jewish Education with a 6-week intense semester in Israel provides educators with the flexibility of studying and earning a Masters degree in Education without interrupting their work-life. With the changing reality of Jewish life in the Dia...


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Coexistence in the Middle East - The Hebrew University

EXPERIENCE THE CHALLENGE OF HUMAN DIVERSITY while earning academic credit at a WORLD TOP 100 UNIVERSITY. Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) is a 3-9 credit intercultural field program in which participants gain exposure to multiple narratives and realities through engaging dialog with regional players and access to the sites beyond the headlines. Participants have the opportunity to examin...


InnovNation - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

GO BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION in the Start-Up Nation while earning academic credit at a WORLD TOP 100 UNIVERSITY. InnovNation is a 3-6 credit innovation and entrepreneurship program in which participants get behind-the-scenes access to Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem and high-tech industry. Through first-hand experience from top innovative companies and entrepreneurs, participants will take an...


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Study Arabic at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Quickly advance your Arabic in our Arabic Immersion Program, where your nonstop learning experience will go beyond the classroom to include interactions with native speakers in your dormitory, on campus, and in the city. You’ll also gain exposure to religious and cultural elements that have helped shape the Arabic language. Jerusalem’s historical ties to Islam, its large Arab population, and th...


IFSA: Diversity and Coexistance

The Diversity and Coexistence program at Hebrew University offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to explore the intersections between identity, religion, community, nationalism, and diversity in the city of coexistence – Jerusalem. Students will engage in interdisciplinary study of Israel's approach to pluralism and social cohesion. Beyond the classroom, the Alliance of Glob...


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Gap Year Programs in Israel

Intrigued by the opportunity to spend a semester or year experiencing another culture, volunteering, interning, studying, developing a Jewish identity, or having an adventure before heading off to college? A gap year in Israel with Masa Israel Journey offers college-bound high school graduates the opportunity to acquire a global perspective and gain a taste of independent living, all while h...


IFSA-Summer in Jerusalem: Diversity & Coexistence

This summer program uses Jerusalem as a living classroom, where you will explore its ethnic, sexual, political, and religious diversity. For four weeks, you will look into its crucial topics like multiculturalism and immigration while interacting with and learning more about the several religious and ethnic communities in Israel. The Diversity and Coexistence summer program involves assessme...


One Year Program in Near Eastern Languages

The One Year program in Near Eastern languages is a shortened version of the two-year master's degree program at Polis The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities. The program equips students with the first year of required courses in the full two-year degree program, should the student wish to complete the master's degree. This program is designed for students who wish to stay only a y...


Reflective Practice in Israel and Palestine

The Israel/Palestine Seminar is a chance for students to be part of an on-going peace-building intervention between Palestinians and Israelis incorporating people at all levels of society. As they engage in this experience, students will be given the chance to reflect on what it means to be a practitioner and encounter the integration of theory, research, and practice. Credits Offered Undergra...