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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Tel Aviv

A cooler and more hedonistic sister city to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv has the history and culture you'd expect in this ancient region of the world, with the added flair of trendy nightlife that young people seek out. A bustling tech culture and delicious culinary scene coexist amidst the centuries old white Bauhaus architecture that give this city its popular name of the "White City."  For a more cosmopolitan and vibrant impression of modern life in Israel, consider a study abroad program in Tel Aviv!

Student Life in Tel Aviv

As Israel's most diverse and multicultural city, living in Tel Aviv as an international student will be a breeze. Nearly all the locals are fluent in English (it is taught starting in primary school), so the language barrier should not pose much of a problem. Tel Aviv has a large international population with folks from the US, Australia, France and Asian countries. Since city residents tend to flock to bars and nightclubs nearly every night, there are plenty of opportunities to make local friendships! 

When not in class, international students will have the opportunity to enjoy Tel Aviv's year-round pleasant weather, outdoor dining and restaurant scene, as well as the stunning Mediterranean coastline. Your free time is likely to be spent on the beach front malecon or public access beach, making for easy afternoons when you need a break from all of your studying. 

Although it's Israel's second largest city, transportation infrastructure in Tel Aviv hasn't quite kept up with the city's growth — it's in desperate need of a reliable subway or tram. As a study abroad student, you'll be getting around on a combination of different transportation models including bus, taxi, and/or walking.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Consider yourself a foodie? Then this is the Middle Eastern study abroad destination for you! With its multicultural influence, Tel Aviv's culinary scene draws on its local cuisine roots with inspiration from French, Italian, and Japanese cooking traditions. A burgeoning coffee scene will keep you caffeinated for the long nightlife, while casual, ethnically inspired, locally sourced meals will keep your belly happy. Don't miss Levinski Market. By the end of your in Tel Aviv, you’ll be feeling that hummus where the heart is!

Unlike some of Israel's less accepting neighbor countries, Tel Aviv is quite LGBTQ-friendly. Tel Aviv is increasingly recognized as a top destination for LGBTQ travelers and international students can feel safe being open about their sexual orientation. If you happen to be studying in Tel Aviv during the summer, don't miss their world-famous Tel Aviv Pride festival. This week-long celebration is the region's largest (and most flamboyant!) gay and lesbian festival. 

Never a stranger to a good party, Tel Aviv offers the annual White Night celebration, a 24-hour party on Rothschild Boulevard. Museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs open their doors for the entire day (and night!) to keep the party rocking all night long.

Think Israel is just what you see on the news? Tel Aviv will prove your assumptions wrong. Although Tel Aviv is only a 45 minute bus ride from Jerusalem, Israel's capital city, it feels like a world away. You can take in the mainstream culture and sub-culture all at once. Studying abroad in Tel Aviv will give you nuanced view into life in one of the Middle East's most interesting nations!

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Tel Aviv


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