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Conflicts and Policy in the post-Soviet states

This semester course introduces the general theories of conflict and conflict resolution, augmented by intensive Russian language study. The case studies focus on the conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Our approach explores the links between the state policy and conflicts, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention. We will explore the connection between these ...


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American Councils (ACTR)

The Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) assists undergrads, graduate students, and research scholars in their pursuit to learn more than 15 regional languages in 9 Eurasian countries. Through academic affiliations, discussion groups, classes, medical assistance, housing, and in-country transportation for ERLP participants, participants of this program are guaranteed to make the most out o...


Policy and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space

Students travel to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Russia. Students study the conflicts facing the Post-Soviet space and discuss them with local students, teachers, and experts.


Black Sea Summer University, Georgia

This summer university programme, organized by CIFE (Centre international de formation européenne) takes place in Tblisi, Georgia. About 20 international students can learn about the geopolitical importance of the wider Black Sea Area, its prospects and challenges with its neighbours and the European Union in the political and economic arena. The students are taught by international experts in ...