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Mwanza Orphanage Volunteering Project

This program gives potential volunteers a unique opportunity to meet orphans at the Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage, perhaps the poorest of all the orphanages in the world but,...

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10 / 10

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A very meaningful experience

This program is excellent for people that really want to help where it is most needed. You have to have initiative and improvise but the reward is to see what a little bit of your love, time and energy can do for kids that are so poor that you realize you didn't really know the meaning of the word. One day I saw a kid that was supposed to be in school, but wasn't. I asked "how come you are not in school today?" and the answer was "my sister is wearing the shoes, today". So you may see money saved for Serengeti safari become childrens' shoes and toothbrushes (if you have enough though by all means you should enjoy Tanzania's wild landscapes, they are beyond amazing), but in the end you feel you actually made a difference to someone's life, mostly by giving your time and teaching the kids new skills. Josephat and his wife are warm people and the kids are amazing. The food was great too!-) If you have any particular condition (eg allergies etc) take with you any medication you might need, as it might not be always easy to have immediate access to doctors etc., and use common sense when it comes to safety. You will have a chance to interact with the local community, and learn as much as you want to. Highly recommended experience.

Program: Mwanza Orphanage Volunteering Project