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Volunteer Teaching Assistant & Orphanage Care in Zimbabwe

Despite its solid education system, public schools are underfunded, and the rural schools lack top quality staff. Whether you are qualified professional or taking a gap year,...

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Nature in harmony with people.

It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas (fungus if you are here in the rainy seasons).

The place I worked is called the Mukuvisi Woodland and it is one of the nicest, natural place you can find in Harare. It consists of a miombo woodland, some wetlands, the safari and the enclosed area for birds and some amphibians. Your daily tasks are varied each day but mainly consist of educating youngsters, looking after the woodland, administration works, organizing the venue for meeting or even horse riding. You will also cook with a raw fire at the place and eat the local staple food Sadza everyday. By the time you stay there, you will interact with different kind of people and students and be friends with them. It is a mutual beneficial programme.

Tirotose offers help regardless of whatever it is and whenever it is. It is a pleasure to discuss any issues with Wesley.

Program: Volunteer Teaching Assistant & Orphanage Care in Zimbabwe