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South Africa

Chains & Change: African Social Justice & Entrepreneurship

The Chains & Change program allows students to critically examine African resilience through in-depth study of Afropolitanism, social justice and entrepreneurship. The program,...

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Resiliency in Japan: Aging Society & Natural Disasters

This course focuses on two areas that introduce Japan's resiliency: rapidly aging society and frequent natural disasters. Japan is experiencing a rapid increase in the number...

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International Arts Management in Ireland and Scotland

During this course students will immerse themselves in international arts management strategies in Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Ness) and Ireland (Dublin, Galway...

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Development & Democratization in the Gambia

The Gambia is one of Africa's smallest country, but one with a long and fascinating history. From the pre-colonial Mandinka kingdoms to the Atlantic slave trade, from a 22-year...

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Abnormal Psychology/Well-being in Budapest, Vienna, & Prague

How we can understand the full picture of mental illness beyond suffering? What contributes to a satisfying, meaningful, and engaging life? What conditions led people to

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Wildlife Filmmaking and Photography for Conservation

Open to students with all skill levels, (no special equipment required) this class will cover the basic skills useful for outdoors photography and film, and then how to use...

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Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya

The Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya program is designed to expose students to several key areas of conservation science with the additional benefit of on-the-ground field...

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Experiencing Southern Italy's Culture and Heritage

While Lecce is considered one of the top twenty places to live in Italy, it is a town of fewer than 100,000 people that is surrounded by villages. It offers an experience...

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Internship Placements in Tokyo (Summer)

This is a destination-specific program that brings you together with students from other majors - Government, Communications, Economics, Psychology, Art, etc. - to study

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Arabic Language, Conflict Resolution, Politics - Middle East

Spend a fall semester in Israel, where you will engage in an immersive study of intensive Arabic while learning about current issues in the Middle and efforts in solving

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Ukraine: Violence, Nation Building and Resilience

Examine the recent situation in Ukraine, including its complex nation building process amid an ongoing war, and the growing resilience of Ukrainian population in this three-credit...

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Survey of International Organizations in Switzerland

This two-week study abroad survey of international organizations based in gorgeous Fribourg, Switzerland provides students with an overview of the goals, functions, and significance...

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Strategic Diplomacy: A Case Study of Oman

Enrich and expand your global view, delve into one of the world's warmest culture, and learn how a small country without strong economic and military power is considered

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Spanish Language in Ecuador

Study Spanish abroad during Winter Break in beautiful Cumbaya, Ecuador, one of the most culturally fascinating cities in the world! Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was founded...

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