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Teach English to Children in Japan with Amity Corporation

Amity Corporation is a leader in the field of English conversation education for children in Japan. With over 85 branch schools throughout Japan, Amity has provided international...

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Great if you love teaching kids

Teaching at Amity is an excellent opportunity to build your teaching rapport with kids of all ages in Japan. Even if you've never taught before, Amity will provide one week's training that will help you understand the Amity way of teaching English. You will have to assimilate a lot of information. Although training week can seem rushed, it will prove helpful in the weeks to follow. Amity uses a lot of technology in the classroom (touchscreens etc.) so be sure to brush up on your computer skills before you go. Also, you may have to make your own props and games if your branch school doesn't provide them. The schedule can be a bit manic so brace yourself to teach, speak to parents, prep classrooms, take attendance, clean, and do other admin tasks on a daily basis. You have to be super-organized or classes can seem overwhelming. Always prep lesson plans and other resources in advance because schedules can change daily. It might also be a good idea to have some backup lessons for these eventualities. Classroom management is also very important as some of the kids can be rowdy and distract the others in group classes. It helps if you know Japanese because young kids may speak to you in their native language. The pay is good but you have to put in the hours. During your time off, remember to de-stress, exercise, eat healthy, and explore the country.

Program: Teach English to Children in Japan with Amity Corporation