Best Internship Placements in Madrid

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Sprawled along the banks of the Manzanares river in the heart of Spain, Madrid is a thriving metropolis with big-time professional opportunity. As architecturally beautiful as it is culturally stimulating, Spain’s capital will provide interns with a unique fusion of Spanish and Southern European influences that can be found nowhere else on the continent. From historical attractions, such as the Royal Palace, to the highly modern business districts, the old and new unite in Madrid to form the perfect backdrop for an internship abroad in Spain. 

Bullfight Arena

To add to its attractiveness, Madrid is Europe’s third largest metropolitan area and a true global city, with important international connections throughout many spheres of business, politics, and culture. It is additionally considered to be the leading economic center of southern Europe, so naturally there are a ton of fruitful internships in Madrid to choose from. However, the question becomes: what is the best type of internship in Madrid?

Luckily, we’ve already done a lot of the work for all of you prospective interns out there. Read on to learn what the best fields for internships in Madrid are and why!

Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations

As a leading global city that hosts the headquarters of many multinational companies, you may have already guessed that marketing is one of the most popular fields for internships in Madrid. Interns can gain marketing experience in a variety of areas, from cutting edge social media marketing techniques to advertising strategies and public relations methods, at some of the top Spanish and international firms in all of Europe. As a marketing intern in Madrid, interns will be able to develop highly practical skills, while advancing their Spanish language fluency and making important global contacts in the field.

Business Administration & Management

A business internship in Madrid is a great opportunity to explore the nuances of Spain’s professional environment. While it will prove challenging at times to make the leap into this foreign world, mastering the Spanish language and coming to understand the finer points of Spanish culture will pay off big time both for in and out of the office. Business can be a highly competitive field in Madrid, especially because of Spain’s recent economic woes, but there are still many business internship opportunities in Madrid that are open to international interns.

Economics & Finance 

Madrid is one of the most important financial hubs in the world, making it a top-tier destination for interns that are interested in macro and micro-economics. Working for a bank, investment firm, or research institution as an intern in Madrid will pay off big time in terms of experience and professional exposure, setting you on the right path toward a successful career in finance or economics. You will also likely be compensated well for your services, as finance tends to be one of the few professional fields in Spain which pays its interns an actual salary.

International Relations

Let us not forget that Madrid is Spain’s political and economic capital. Home to the World Tourism Organization (a UN subsidiary) as well as a bevy of other global organizations, interns who are interested in international affairs will find internships in Madrid to be quite accommodating. While government internships may be tougher for foreigners to access, internships in Madrid with NGOs and nonprofits are widely available.


Madrid is a major center for media and communications in Spain; those who are interested in television, radio, and journalism will have their hands full with the number of news and broadcast entities, both small and large, that have a place in Madrid’s informational community. Media interns will be expected to have a very solid command of Spanish before applying for internships in Madrid, as they will likely be helping to produce content for local audiences who are native Spanish speakers. 


Madrid is an enormously popular travel destination in Europe and the world, so it is not too surprising that there is a large market for bilingual interns in the local hospitality industry. Young professionals who are interested in launching a career in the restaurant, hotel, or tourism industries could hardly do better than an internship in Madrid. The city is a great place to meet people from all over the world and expand both your professional and personal network of contacts too.


Lastly, medical students who want to combine their required internship experience with a chance to explore a new city and culture should consider Madrid as a premier destination. Madrid boasts a number of top tier medical schools as well as both public and private hospitals, so interns can gain invaluable experience shadowing doctors while learning about the intricacies of the local healthcare system at the same time. An internship in Madrid certainly won’t harm your attractiveness on medical school applications either!